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19 April 2023

Tips for Growing Your Following

Tips for Growing Your Following

Growing a strong social media presence is essential for any lash artist looking to build their brand, attract new clients, and assert expertise in the industry. It’s the ultimate level up to build relationships and attract opportunities that can enrich your business and brand, especially if you’re looking for influencer or affiliate opportunities to work with other lash brands! But social media can feel like a struggle with the always changing algorithms and expectations but in this blog we are going to cover what to avoid AND what can bring you the social media success your brand and business deserve. Get ready to take notes because you can start implementing these strategies today!

First things first, let’s knock out some things you should definitely avoid because they can have a negative impact on your social media success. 

Posting too much, too often: This is something that can have a major negative impact on your social media growth. While it may seem like the more you post, the better, this isn't necessarily true. If you post too often, followers may become overwhelmed with content and start to ignore or unfollow you. Not only that, but when people are bombarded with too many posts, they're less likely to stop and thoughtfully engage. This means that your content won't have the same impact as it would if you posted less frequently but with higher quality content. 

Additionally, some platforms such as Instagram limit the reach of posts from accounts that post too much in a short amount of time. This means that even if followers don’t manually choose to unfollow you, the platform will limit your visibility anyway. To avoid this issue and maximize the impact of your postings, stick to a daily posting maximum of once or twice per day! Remember TikTok and Instagram both have different algorithms that prioritize different content, it’s important to see what works best for you. 

Not Engaging with Followers: A key part of growing an authentic following is engaging with your followers and creating meaningful connections. It's important to respond to comments and questions about your posts, whether positive or negative, this fosters dialogue + shows off your commitment to engaging with your audience. Additionally, it’s also beneficial to follow other people in the lash industry and actively engage in their content too. This will help you build relationships and increase your visibility and presence!

Buying fake followers: This one is so common in social media, especially in the lash industry! It may seem like an easy and quick way to grow your social media following, but it can actually have a detrimental impact on your brand. For starters, many platforms such as Instagram have taken measures to detect and remove inactive or fake accounts. This means that any followers you’ve purchased will eventually be removed, resulting in fewer real followers than when you started.

Additionally, when people realize that you’ve been purchasing fake followers, it can hurt the credibility of your brand. Buying fake followers goes against the spirit of building an authentic community and meaningful relationships, you’re better than that!. Building an organic following through quality content is the only way to truly benefit from social media as a lash artist—so don’t let shortcuts tempt you! Influence is earned… so put in the work. 

Now let’s get into what a successful game plan looks like for building authentic, organic social media growth if your goal is to become a lash industry influencer. 

  1. Focus on showcasing your artistry: Brands and other artists will naturally love what they see if you’re showing off your expert skills and artistry. Post before and after content, what products you use, and different lash looks you’ve created and what you’ve used to create them. Tag the brands in your post to really expand your reach + visibility.
  2. Authentic content that shows your personality:  This one is a challenge to step outside your comfort zone! Authentic content starts with you sharing about yourself, your journey, what you’re passionate about, and what your life looks like both inside your biz and beyond.  Letting your audience get to know you is the best way to build trust and relationships!
  3. Consistency is key: We talked about how pushing too much content on social media can have a negative effect but consistent, quality content will have a positive impact! Your audience can count on you to show and share which will inspire people to follow and engage with you. One of the best ways to keep your content schedule consistent is to designate a “theme” for each day of the week and simply duplicate that schedule.  For example:

Motivational Monday: Content that’s motivational or inspirational in nature. 

Transformational Tuesday: Before and after content, this could be client facing or more geared towards sharing your own journey. 

Wednesday: Behind the scenes sharing more about your brand, artistry, or process.

Thursday: Call to action! It helps to dedicate on day a week to nudge your audience to book, reach out, or engage. 

FAQ Friday: Answer common questions with your expert opinion

Success Saturday: Share a win! Either from your perspective or that of a clients.

Sunday: This is a flex day! Sometimes just a relatable meme or funny post can be light, easy content to engage with.  

  1. Keep up with the trends.  Like it or not social media revolves around trends, stay on top of what kinds of formats are trending and align some content to fit.  This doesn’t mean you have to copy everything you see, it just means being aware of current events and trends will help your message and content be more widely received. 
  2. Engage with your audience and industry.  If you goal is to build lash industry influence then engaging with the community needs to be a priority! From tagging brands to popping into lives, you can stand out by simply engaging. Brands love when you share content, like, and comment.  There are even opportunities for podcast interviews, events, and beyond.  Simply putting yourself out there can put you on the radar for tons of industry opportunities. 
  3. Use storytelling to give your content a one of a kind authenticity. It’s one of the most powerful tools for engaging people on social media - it allows you to emotionally connect with your followers and showcase your expertise in a relatable, authentic way. Telling stories can help capture attention, stick in the minds of your audience, and make it easier to connect with people. It’s the ultimate way to communicate! Remember that video is the number one format for social media in 2023 so hopping on your phone + sharing a candid story can be super powerful!

Don’t be afraid to dive into these social saavy strategies! And remember to explore platforms aside from Instagram or TikTok- understanding how each platform works is key to creating a well-rounded digital presence that will bring success. It’s not about having one viral post; it’s about taking steps every day, week and month along your social media journey and having patience with yourself and your results. Before you know it, you’ll have grown an amazing community and authority! There simply isn't any substitute for an engaging and authentic social media presence when it comes to tapping into your uniqueness and power to influence. So start creating thoughtful content and building your community today. 

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