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01 May 2023

Consultation 101

Consultation 101

Meeting new clients can spark a little… how should we put it… anxiety?! Maybe it’s just us but anytime you’re working with someone for the first time there can be some apprehensive vibes and maybe even uncertainty regardless of how experienced you are. Taking the time to get to know your client's lifestyle, expectations, and personality can help you start off the interaction with confidence and clear communication.  A strong consultation will help you and your client feel fully informed and aligned so you can offer a truly incredible experience. Here’s the official lash nerd guide to outstanding consultations!

Preparation is Key - Having all the information you need even before the client arrives can help you streamline your processes and have a better understanding of your client, their lifestyle, and expectations.  We suggest assigning new client paperwork right in your booking software that the client will be reminded to have completed prior to arrival.  This step can just make sure you are fully aware of important things such as contraindications such as previous allergic reactions or health conditions.  

In addition to medical history and lifestyle questions, it helps you to know relevant information about their past experience with lash services. Questions like how frequently they wore lash extensions and what their likes and dislikes about their experience were, provide insight into their values and help you customize your approach. 

Overall, having comprehensive information prior to a lash appointment is the key to curating an exceptional experience. All of these details should be listed on your consultation form and reviewed prior to your clients arrival. 

Get to Know Your Client - Since the consultation form equips you with a through background about your client, the next step is starting confident dialogue with them so you can get 100% clear about their expectations. This is where you should assess your clients natural lashes and start the conversation around style, design, and their desired  look in addition to getting clarity about their lifestyle. 

For example, if they tell you they are an avid swimmer, hot yoga instructor, and have a tendency to pick and pull their lashes this would be an indicator they may not be an ideal candidate for lash extensions and perhaps a lash lift or lamination may be a better option to fit their lifestyle. 

Asking open ended questions and making space for your clients to give a comprehensive background will help you make that determination. The same goes for the discussion around style + design! Asking detailed questions and using visuals like your portfolio of work will help your client establish realistic expectations and supports clear communication. 

For example, your client may show you a photo reference of very thick, full volume lashes and after you’ve visually assessed their lashline you realize you wouldn’t be able to achieve the same style due to their natural lash limitations.  This is a great opportunity for you to show photos of styles that would more accurately represent the look you would be able to create.  In this situation, it’s up to you as the professional to communicate confidently in order to align you and your clients expectations.  

Encourage your clients to show you photos of what they do like about specific styles and start identifying what they value and prioritize…

Would they prefer length or fullness if they could only have one

Would they prefer texture over a more uniform structured look

Would they like a design that emphasizes length on the end or more centered

Showing visuals and asking the right questions will help you identify their priorities, it’s totally normal for clients not to clear descriptions for what they are looking for! It’s up to you to ask the right questions and nurture clarity. 

And it’s even more important to remember… not every client will be a good fit and that’s 100% okay! What’s important is that you are open and honest with them prior to even starting the appointment. 

Provide a detailed explanation of the service and what your client should expect- Walk your client through the details of the appointment thoroughly.  Start with the duration of the appointment and what time they should be expecting to be leaving your studio.  This is key! There’s nothing worse than a client getting anxious they’ll be late to pick their kids up or asking you to rush.  

Make sure they are prepared to put their phones away! This one can be frustrating for the lash artist but setting those boundaries right away will set you up for success.

Additionally you should give them the basics about the process:

You’ll be using products like tape, gel pads, or under eyepads to secure their lower lashes and manipulate the skin

You’ll be attaching extensions to the natural lash individually, not the skin.

You’ll be using tweezers and it’s important to the keep the eyes shut

And to let you know if they experience any discomfort during the procedure. 

Also let them know you’ll be going over aftercare with them once the appointment is complete (that’s another blog we will have coming soon!)

And don’t forget to ask them if they have any additional questions before you get started. Giving your client space to ask questions in a compassionate way can help them feel safe and trust your expertise.  

Being as detailed as possible in your explanation and communication will help your client feel confident and at ease about the lash extension procedure! The initial consultation is not only an opportunity to build a strong first impression but to nurture trust between you and your client.  And trust is the key to a successful long term relationship!

Ultimately, putting care into your consultations adds immense value and will help set your business apart from any and all of your competition! With these strategies on how to create an optimal consultation process for your lash extension services, you’ll be able to curate an outstanding experience for all your clients.

Do you have questions about consultations and what you can do to feel more comfortable or confident? Head over to our Instagram page @untamed.artistry and shoot us a DM with your question! 

We are committed to supporting your journey towards being the best lash artist you can be! #lashnerds 

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