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16 November 2021

Maven Artistry x Untamed Artistry

Maven Artistry x Untamed Artistry

Have you heard the news!?👂🏾👂🏼👂🏻👂🏿👂

If you didn’t catch the ultra-exciting news yet, you get to hear it from us now! We are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with Trina, founder of Maven Artistry, to bring her innovative lash tile to our UA community! And let us just say, the Maven Laylow Lash Tile is absolutely the best tile on the market (in our opinion). 

When you hear the name Maven Artistry, it probably rings a bell (okay, it probably rings all the bells🔔🛎). As a world-renowned brand, Maven is known for their innovative lash training, supplies, and their drool-worthy colourful and maximalist branding. 


Before we jump into all the reasons WHY this lash tile is the definition of “lash tile dreams” and why it’ll change your lashing game, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes, and spill some insider scoop with you on our collaboration (because you lash nerds are our VIPs)🤫.

How it all started...

A while back, we got our hands on Maven’s Laylow Lash Tile because we overheard all the rage about it! The rumours are definitely true… we were instantly obsessed with the lash tile. You know that at Untamed Artistry, we LOVE seeing innovation. We believe that  it’s truly what invigorates our industry, allows us to grow, and make the industry better for ALL lash artists. And the Laylow Lash Tile? It’s definitely IT (keep reading to know why).

We decided to approach Maven for a collaboration because of two main reasons:

  1. We know how much our lash nerds at UA would LOVE and benefit from Maven’s Laylow tile!
  2. At UA, we pride ourselves inrecognizing creators to let them shine and giving credit where credit is due. 

So we figured, what better way to do this than to join hands with the inspiring creator for a bomb-af collab!? It’s Maven Artistry 🤝 Untamed Artistry time. 

So enough of us talking, let’s get right into hearing from the innovative queen herself. 👇

Let’s get chatty with Trina!

We interviewed Trina, the brains behind the Laylow Lash Tile, and asked her about how she masterfully went about designing and creating this dream lash tile. 

Read on to learn everything about the Laylow Lash Tile, how it’ll solve your problems, WHY you’ll never want to pick up another lash tile (ever!), and take home some expert advice from the founder of Maven Artistry! 

What inspired you to create this innovative lash tile?
Short answer, my eyesight. My prescription started changing yearly while working as a full time lash artist. Staring into the reflection of my overhead light on glass and acrylic tiles took its toll on my eyesight.

Why did you choose these specific features for the lash tile? And can you tell us how lash artists will benefit from them?
Function and performance were my main objectives when designing the Laylow Tile. I’ll walk you through each feature and its benefits.

Matte-finish, anti-reflective palette: 
Because glare sucks and it’s time we show our eyes some love!

Blank canvas design, no lines, numbers or distractions:
I’ve never liked being told what to do or how to live (just ask my parents) and that includes how to organize my lash tile. No indicators means you’re in control and can load up your tile however you see fit. Wanna pack your strips to the max - go for it. Wanna give them space to breathe - you can do it.

Protective cover with engraved logo:
This keeps the tile free from dust and debris for worry free storage.

Rubber stoppers: 
Having them at the base provides a no-slip grip and doubles as a stabilizing mechanism when converting the tile into a storage box.

Contoured palette edges:
I loathed pressure from squared off palettes digging into my fingers during long work days. Contoured edges provide comfort and control, especially while making volume fans.

Storage box design:
Converts the tile into a box for storing tools or other items during application.

Ghost logo:
Keeping with the theme of “no distractions” our logo is engraved into the tile instead of printed. It’s essentially invisible while still reppin’ the home team.

Extended base: 
The base of the tile has a small extended lip to make removing the cover hassle-free. Truth be told, I sit for 4 hour Russian manicures and I’m not about to break a nail opening tiles. No ma’am!

What does being creative mean to you?
Being creative means freedom of expression without limitations or rules. Stepping outside the box to bring my beliefs, emotions, and ideas to life through art, copywriting, products, etc. Being creative is a free for all to try crazy shit even if I fail or I don’t end up with what I originally envisioned.

What inspired you to be a part of the lash industry?
F R E E D O M (a recurring theme) to be my own boss and take on a new challenge. I worked in corporate marketing and design for over a decade and wanted to build something for myself.

What would you like to see more of in the lash industry?
I’d like to see people taking initiative more and asking for permission less. As humans, most of us are afraid of failure so we look to others for guidance instead of trusting our own instincts and intuition. 99% of the time, we know exactly what we want, yet we look to others for their approval and reassurance. I want to see more people in our industry live authentically, take risks, follow their gut and not second guess themselves.

What are your thoughts about private labelled products in the industry?
Custom or private labelled, my thoughts are the same…every item is an extension of the brand and needs to be fully researched, vetted and tested. If you’ve found an awesome private label product that you can stand behind and sell with confidence, go for it. If you have the resources to research and develop your own products with a manufacturer from the ground up, go for it. I strongly believe we need to see more innovation in our industry and love seeing original, thoughtful products on the market.

If you had to describe your design philosophy, what would it be?
Products with purpose - design should solve problems. Beautiful aesthetic and generous profit margins are lovely, but my philosophy is to design products that serve a greater purpose, making the user's life easier or bring them joy.

What is one thing no one knows about you?
I’m very simple. My brand is colorful and maximalist, but I like to live a less-is-more lifestyle. Someday I’ll retire from the beauty industry and homestead on my land in Texas. Raise animals, garden, be domestic. Basically live like it’s the 1800s but with electricity and Wifi.

Who or what inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Seeing a shade of blue on a billboard inspires me. Traveling the world and experiencing other cultures inspires me. Unique typography inspires me. Seeing people happy inspires me. Packaging for frozen peas inspires me. It doesn’t take much, I’m easily inspired. ;)

What is the best piece of advice you would give your younger self?
Stop trying to impress people and just be yourself. Stay defiant and opinionated, hold strong to your convictions. It will be a super power when the world tries to mold and shape you into conforming.

Your next lash bff & executive assistant

The quality of your lash work is a key player in the success of your business - it’s one of the reasons WHY your clients will keep coming back to you! But in order to craft an amazing set of lashes, it isn’t 100% dependent on JUST your skill. The combination of the lash artists’ skill, and the use of high quality, innovative lash products and tools is the key that makes all the difference. 

The Laylow Tile is designed and engineered purposely for lash artists (& nerds🤓) to solve problems with eyesight, storage, tile stabilization, and so much more. Each and every feature intentionally assists your craftsmanship. 

So now that you’ve heard all the insider scoop, learned all the cool features about the lash tile… Are you itching to get your hands on the lash tile that will change your lash game forever? We know we are!!! It’s time to check out the Laylow Lash Tile! 


We hope you enjoyed this blog, and all the insider info that you got today!🤗We’ll see you in our next✌🏻Until then make sure you're following us on:

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