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05 November 2021

5 Tips For Styling Your Clients Lash Extensions.

5 Tips For Styling Your Clients Lash Extensions.

If you’re new to the lash industry, all the lash artist jargon might still be confusing to you, and we get it. We too were in your shoes, wondering the exact. same. things.😩 But we’re here to help! 

Okay, so you’re ready to tackle lash curls, but all the different options of curls leave you puzzled? B curl, C curl, CC curl… and the list goes on and on!Well, by the end of this blog, you’ll learn about all the common lash curls, as well as the factors to consider when selecting the best lash curl for your client

Grab yourself a cup of coffee☕️, and let’s get started! 

We’re called “lash artists”👩‍🎨for a reason, right!? As artists, we style and design lash extensions for every client that walks through our doors. Each and every set is customized! When it comes to styling, we select the most suitable lash map style, lengths, and curl for every single lash set. In order to do this, we must understand the difference between each curl, and the effect that they can have on your client’s eyes. So to start, let’s break down the basics of the lash curls that you’ll see most in the lash industry: 

different styles of lash extension curls

J curl 

This was one of the very first lash curls that became available in the market, and is the flattest curl you’ll find. When applied, the effect iselongation of the client’s lashes. J curl barely provides any lift. Clients who opt for J curl love a very, very natural look where lash extensions can only be seen from the side. Fewer lash companies carry the curl now due to diminishing interest. 

B curl 

B curl lashes are also one of the more natural curls that you’ll find. Compared to a J curl, B curl offers a little more lift, and so this curl is much more favoured when clients request for “very, very natural lashes”. B curl lashes are straighter at the base, and lift up slightly at the tips. Since B curl is a very soft and natural curl, this curl blends almost seamlessly with your client’s natural lashes. Choose B curl for clients who want to add more length and volume to their natural lashes, while having them still look like their own. 

C curl 

One of the most widely used lash curls in the market, this curl is always a favourite! Compared to the B curl, C curl lashes offer more of a curl and lift. The C curl is a “medium intensity” curl, allowing it to open up the eyes, while still looking  natural. This curl is also most commonly used because it is suitable for most eye shapes and styling. Its versatility makes it known to be the “universal” curl. 

CC curl 

This lash curl is one of the newer and more popular curls. The intensity of the curl is between that of a C curl and a D curl. CC curl is perfect for those looking for a little more “oomph” than natural lashes, but still not too dramatic. Most lash companies carry this curl because of the growing popularity. 

D curl 

D curl lashes have the tightest curl, giving off a much more intense, dramatic look. This curl opens up and lifts the eyes much more than C curl. 

L curl 

This specific lash curl was first introduced for clients with straight, downward pointing lashes to get a nice dramatic lift while maintaining retention. Therefore, it is most commonly used for hooded eyelids & those with natural lashes that grow downward. This curl has a flat base, then curls sharply upward like a CC/D curl. 

M curl 

The M curl is the newest curl on the market, and one of the most unique and popular lash curls of 2020/2021. This curl is similar to the L curl where it has a straight base, but compared to the L curl, M curllifts upwards more than itcurves upwards. M curl also has a straighter tip than the L curl. This unique lash curl gives an edgy, sharper look that many lash artists love experimenting with! It can be used to give clients the appearance of a winged eyeliner look.

Alrighty! Now that you’re more familiar with all the lash curls, let’s dive into aneasy guide that you can use to select the perfect lash curl for your client

1. Ask: “Have you ever gotten eyelash extensions before?” 

This is the first question that you should be asking your client. Clients who have gotten extensions done before may already know what curl they like, and don’t like. You would be surprised to learn that many clients know even little details about the lash map that they like most on them. If they do, you’re set and can go right to crafting the set that they love most! 

If they don’t know the lash map, or if it’s their first time, don’t fret! Keep reading on until the end for more pointers on how to choose the right curl for them! 

💡 A little tip: clients often opt for something more natural, and C curl is often what lash artists recommend to ease their clients into the lash extension world.


2. Learn: What does your client like and want?

What look does your client like? Do they have photos of what lashes they want? Ask questions and gather information to see if they like a more natural look, or some drama. Understanding what occasion the lashes are for will also help. For example, if it is to shorten their morning routine, they could be looking for something more natural. If it is for a music festival that they’re attending abroad, they are most likely looking for a more dramatic look. 

3. Analyze the client’s eye shape

As lash artists, we should be customizing lash sets to flatter our client’s eyes. Ask yourself these questions:

What eye shape does my client have? (Some examples: almond, round, upturned, downturned)

Almond shaped eyes look good with practically all lash curls, and is the easiest eye shape to work with.

What curl would flatter their eye shape the most? 

Curlier curls like CC curl and D curl open and lift up the eyes.Use stronger curls like these to lift up the outer corners of downturned eyes because this gives the illusion of lifted eyes.  

Flatter curls like J curl and B curl elongate the eyes. Use these curls on the outer corners of upturned eyes so that you do not accentuate the upturn. B curl would also look great on the outer corners of round eyes to elongate the eyes, making it look more almond shaped. 

Is there any asymmetry between the two eyes that needs to be balanced out? (Is one eye bigger or smaller than the other, or one eye more round than the other?)

Sometimes, you may need to use different curls on both eyes so that you can balance them out. 

4. Analyze the natural eyelash’s angle of growth

It is important to consider the angle of your client’s natural eyelashes when selecting a lash curl for them. Observe your client’s lashes from the side to clearly see the angle of growth. Clients with downward pointing lashes will need a stronger curl. C curl can look like a B curl on clients whose lashes grow downwards. On the other hand, clients who have naturally lifted eyelashes will make lashes look even more lifted. C curl can look like a CC curl on clients whose lashes naturally curl upwards. Therefore, for these clients, you should choose a flatter curl. 

5. Analyze the natural eyelash’s natural curvature 

Not only should you be analyzing the angle of growth of your client’s natural lashes, but you should also take into consideration the curvature. Selecting the wrong curl may result in poor bonding between the extension and natural lash, and therefore lead to poor retention. Clients with very straight lashes would benefit from curls with a flatter base such as B curl, M curl, and L curl because they would attach better, giving you a better point of contact, and a stronger bond. Applying very curly extensions onto a straight natural lash creates only a small attachment point, which is not enough for long-lasting retention. 

Now that you have our guide…😎

Selecting a lash curl is much easier than you think! The more you work with different types of curls and eye shapes, the better you will be at understanding the outcome and effect each curl has on the eyes. Experience is everything! 

Best of luck, lash nerd. You got this, and we believe in you! 


Lash nerds, thanks for geeking out with us 🤓!We hope that this blog will make it much easier for you the next time you’re styling a client! Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Want to learn more about lash extensions? Check out ourblog on all the eyelash extension types where we go into detail explaining the differences for you! 

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