Gone are the days of your clients crying about how much the gel remover burns. Say goodbye to waiting for 15 minutes for your cream removers to work. Imagine if GEL REMOVER and CREAM REMOVER fell in 💓 and had a 👶… that would be UNDO! UNDO is the perfect remover formula. It’s super effective and helps you get rid of unwanted extensions in less than 5 minutes.

☑️ Perfect consistency (AKA, not too runny, not too solid)!
☑️ Rose scented
☑️ Fast results (3-5 minutes) 
☑️ Causes NO irritation
☑️ 20 x 1g sachets 

This packaging is precisely designed to keep your remover from drying out and to prevent cross-contamination. Whether you are doing a spot removal or a full removal, Undo will UNdo the job! *Full removals are recommended 24hrs prior to a new full set. 



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