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UntamedArtistry™ is your shop for science-based, high-quality products. We thrive off our community of lash artists and the trust they place in us. As #lashnerds ourselves, we aim to share continued education with our community as we believe education should be accessible to all. We also recognize the amount of waste produced in the lash world and want to lead in our mission to do better. As a company, we hold great potential for change and are up to the challenge of pushing ourselves toward environmental and social sustainability in our industry. 


Hi, I’m Cheryl, the founder of Untamed Artistry™.

Having been in the lash industry for several years, I started UA because I felt a large gap in the industry. I felt that there was no true one-stop-shop brand with obsess-worthy products and accessible education, and also felt that a person with a quirky personality like me didn’t belong to any lash community. 

I wanted to build a brand that was a one-stop-shop for products AND community. I wanted lash artists who felt similar to me, like outskirts, to come to UA and know that they had a safe space where they were encouraged to be 100% themselves and be loved for it. Whether you’re quiet and introverted or loud and extroverted, everyone is welcome to be authentically themselves with UA’s #lashnerd community. 

This is the place where we change the narrative and make nerdy the new sexy. 


After closing out the first year with sales that completely knocked my socks off, I realized that this brand was something special and that people were really resonating with it. But with the growth, I knew that I couldn’t do it alone and that I needed a team. 

Some people might find it hard to let go of the idea of doing things alone and embrace having a team, but for me, once I started accepting myself just the way I am, it became so easy to see my strengths and my weaknesses, which helped me figure out who I needed to bring in to fill the gaps that I wasn’t able to fill. 

I didn’t know the first thing about building a team, but I focused on what I did know, which was the importance of fostering a people-first culture. I wanted UA to be a safe space, both with the team internally and the community externally. 

Having that safe space in UA is what allowed me to be more authentic and confident in who I am, and whether you’re on payroll, part of our #lashnerd community, or someone just passing by, I want everyone who comes across UA to experience the same safe space to truly be themselves and feel like their voice is heard. 


Check out our podcast to learn more about Cheryl and her journey in starting Untamed Artistry.

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