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21 October 2021

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Lash Appointments - The Right Way

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Lash Appointments - The Right Way

A question we get asked frequently is: “How can I finish lash appointments faster?”. 

If you’re a beginner lash artist, this is probably one of your biggest concerns, along with lash retention. (we’re reading your mind, right!?🤫) There’s definitely things that you can do to help you speed up, and we’re about to dish out on some tips! 

P.S.: Lashing fewer lashes isNOT something that we recommend!

Whether you’re a new lash artist, or an experienced one, if you’ve been looking tospeed up your lash appointment without compromising the quality of your lash sets, you’re in for a treat today🥳. In this blog, we’ll be sharing our top tips that can effectively help you cut down lash appointment time while maintaining your lash work! We like to say that these tried and tested tips will help you improve lash appointment efficiency

Shortening lash appointments can benefit lash artists in multiple ways:

Fitting in an extra client

Finding time for breaks

Finishing work days earlier

It’s also beneficial for clients who prefer shorter appointments! We all have clients that get antsy real fast, can’t lay down for too long, or just have crazy busy schedules.

So let’s get right into ways to speed up your lash appointment without compromising the quality of your lash sets👇:

Tape is your best friend. 

eyelash extension tape roll

You’ll hear this a lot in the lash industry, and you’ll hear it again and again because it’s definitely true. Tape is your best friend. Not only does it hold down stubborn lashes that get in your way, but it can also assist you with isolation. When you takeless time isolating with even more precision, you bet your lashing speed will be a lot quicker. 

A favourite way to use tape is to isolate the client’s lash layers, layer by layer using the tape-up method. Tape up the top layers of lashes, and this will expose the bottom layer. Lash all the lashes in the bottom layer first, then move on to lash the next layer up. You’ll find that this trick can save you so much time because it makes isolation so much quicker and so much more precise. 

Clickto see our video of 7 ways to use tape during your lash appointment! These tricks are life-changing! 

Our favourite tape to use is thegrip tape. It’s strong, yet so gentle upon removal. It’s similar to the Nexcare tape, but without the lint! Trust us, you’ll want to use it every lash appointment! (Psssst. Our rolls of tapes contain a lot more tape than others on the market! This way, you get more bang for your buck.😌)


Prep work is key.

It’s important to prepare for every lash appointment. Make sure that everything you need is ready right beside you so that you don’t have to waste time searching and scrambling for products, tools or accessories during the appointment. We recommend pre-cutting yourtape, taking out yourgel pads, ensuring that you have enoughlash strips on yourlashing palette and having all yourtweezers ready. Preparing for a lash appointment can easily save you 10 to 15 minutes during a lash appointment. 


Practice, practice, practice!

Being a lash expert doesn’t happen overnight (wouldn’t it be awesome if we could though!). If you’re a beginner, trust the process - you’ll see yourself improve over time! As your lashing skills improve, you’ll find your lash appointment getting shorter. We love recommending new lash artists to practice isolation because this is usually what beginners struggle with! Practice on your family and friends until you become an expert!


Have extra sets of tweezers. 

eyelash extension tweezer

We know we’re not the only ones who accidentally get adhesive on the tips of ourtweezers. Removing the adhesive takes time! When you have extra sets of tools around, you can swiftly grab the back-up pair & get right back to work! 


Prepare your client for the appointment. 

Clients can also take part in shortening the duration of the appointment by preparing for it. Always educate new clients, and remind existing clients to:

✔️Arrive on time
✔️Arrive with clean eyelashes
Heavy makeup easily wastes an extra 10-15 minutes
✔️Use the bathroom before the appointment
✔️Avoid caffeinated beverages before the appointment
Caffeine can make the client use the bathroom more frequently, and it also makes their eyes fluttery. Fluttery eyes increases the difficulty of lash application, thus lengthening the duration of the appointment 
✔️Keep their phone on silent
Buzzing phones can make your client feel antsy, and sometimes... it gets them so antsy they ask you to check their phone! Having to check your client’s messages and missed calls can take up time.

And there you have it! Those were some of our tips on how to speed up the appointment, and we thank you for geeking out with us 🤓! 

Want to learn more on lash prep? Check out our blog: “How to prep for eyelash extensions”to learn our UA lash prep recipe for the BEST retention! 

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