hydrogel eye patch.

the product:
At UA, we appreciate the feeling of putting on a clean, fresh set of undies 👙. And that’s exactly what these hydrogel eye patches remind us of! You (& your clients) are going to be obsessed with them. The pre-cut slits & size options make for a better, more comfortable fit! Plus, the individual zip lock package keeps moisture locked in, so your clients will enjoy a little eye treatment while getting bomb lashes. 😍

the facts (TL;DR):
✔ 10 pairs per pack
✔ slightly coloured for better contrast on light coloured lashes 
✔ manufactured & packed in sterile environment
✔ pre-cut slits
✔ lightly scented
✔ made in Korea 
✔ available in 2 sizes
    🔍 Lil Undies: 5.7 cm x 2.1 cm
    🔍 Undies (regular): 7 cm x 2.9 cm 
✔ expiration date included 
the tea:
💡 To keep extra fresh & cool--store in the fridge 
💡 Pairs super well with UA under eye tapes