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04 August 2021

Difference Between Mink, Silk, and Flat Eyelash Extensions

what are the differences between silk, mink, faux mink and flat eyelash extensions

Just starting out in the lash industry 👶? Overwhelmed by all the different eyelash extensions types on the market 😩? You’re in the right place 🤓. 

Silk, mink lashes, faux mink, synthetic, flat - there’s a ton of names and terminology used in our industry making it hard for new artists to differentiate between them all. We get it, it can be confusing. But hey, you know UA is always here for ya 😌 💙

In today’s blog, we’ll be helping you solve the mystery so that you will know exactly what type of extensions you want and need in your inventory. 


What are MOST eyelash extensions made of?

Before jumping right in, did you know that  the majority of lash extensions available on the market are made of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate -try saying it, it’s like a tongue twister😂), which is a type of plastic fiber. It’s now widely used because it’s  highly flexible, and holds the curl. These are all qualities that we love in an eyelash extension! 



where mink eyelash extensions come from

Although extremely rare, real mink extensions may still be available in parts of the world, but with a hefty price tag. Real mink is obtained from a mink’s tail, and because it’s from an animal, eyelashes made from mink fur are highly soft and natural-looking. Despite how beautiful they appear, real mink is no longer popular because they’re extremely expensive, lose curl easily, and can cause allergic reactions in those allergic to animal fur. Nowadays, next to no companies are willing to use real fur due to animal cruelty issues. 

Modern day mink eyelash extensions (also called faux mink) are made from PBT, and mimic true mink fur to create soft and natural fibres. Most companies that name a line of their lash extensions mink have a similar quality: the eyelash extension is  tapered more than halfway down so that the body of the eyelash is thinner, softer, and looks more natural. Mink/faux mink extensions are considered more lightweight compared to silk extensions.


What are SILK eyelash extensions?

Silk lash extensions are also made from PBT, with the biggest difference being the taper and shiny appearance. Silk extensions usually have a  shorter taper compared to faux mink, meaning that the body of the extension is thicker. The thicker extension helps artists create a bolder look


What are FLAT eyelash extensions?

different between flat and classic eyelash extensions

Like how the name suggests,this type of extension is flat,  unlike the other types that have a cylindrical body. Flat lashes are  also made from PBT like other eyelash extensions on the market. So how is the flat lash created? Imagine a traditional round extension that is flattened from the top until it becomes ellipse shaped. Flat lashes arelighter in weight when compared to silk and mink extensions of the same diameter

You’ll find that some lash brands have a split tip for their flat extensions, making them look “fluffier” because it creates the illusion of two thin lashes attached side-by-side. 

If all lashes are made from PBT, are they all the same?

Lash extensions are not created equally despite being made from the same material. Lash brands can create their own unique lashes that differ in taper, colour, sheen, thickness, curl, and length. 

How do I select the best eyelash extensions for my clients?

Many lash companies now set unique names for their extensions rather than using traditional terms to highlight their special characteristics. What we recommend doing is to completely disregard the names. Instead, spend some time reading up on their info section or comparison charts. Companies typically describe the qualities (ex. colour, sheen, taper) of their lash extensions, and for those with multiple types, they also explain differences. 

If you’re a new lash artist that hasn’t tried any types before,we highly recommend purchasing lash trays that are soft, and have a semi-matte finish, like our  UA lash trays.untamed artistry eyelash extensions

The majority of clients prefer the semi-matte look because they’re similar to real lashes, and can create natural and dramatic looks alike. Glossier lash extensions typically look less natural and some can appear more “plastic-like”. Softer extensions are also favoured by clients since they are much more comfortable, and have better retention. 

💡BONUS TIP : Premium lashes with increased porosity will help you achieve a stronger attachment for longer lasting lash sets. 



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