What is a silent lash appointment?

What is a silent lash appointment?

Have you heard of “silent lash appointments”? If not, stay with us as this is a topic you don’t want to miss. Silent lash appointments are becoming increasingly popular and for great reasons. In this blog, we cover all you need to know on implementing this new service option with your clients!

What is a silent lash appointment? 

Silent appointments are a spa/beauty treatment where the entire duration of the appointment is silent, no chit-chats whatsoever (except for during the consultation, of course). 

Incorporating this in a lash salon is great because clients can choose to enjoy their self-care session without feeling overwhelmed and anxious about getting chatty with their lash artist. There are clients who LOVE chatting, and even treat their lash appointments like therapy sessions (we know you can agree on this 😉). Sure there are many clients who feel comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, and life updates with their lash artists because heck, we’re someone they trust (we also see them quite often😌)! On the other hand, there are also clients who would much rather sit back, relax, and doze off (as this is often the only time the client has for themselves).

Providing clients with the option for a silent appointment makes them feel at ease to relax and remain silent if they ever need a moment to themselves. Even the chattiest clients experience days where they need a zen rest, right?

It’s also no surprise that the long list of unfortunate events and major transitions that the pandemic has caused, took a heavy toll on our clients’ mental health.Due to the pandemic, the idea of “silent lash appointments'' became increasingly popular againand is rapidly being adopted by salons and spas worldwide. This is a great way for businesses in the personal care sector to cater to clients coming out of COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Let’s face it, for those who were in lockdown for months, it’s not easy transitioning back to seeing, and speaking with others, especially new faces. This is true for clients and stylists alike. As stylists, we don’t want our work environment to cause us undue stress either.

How to incorporate silent lash appointments?

We recommend adding “silent appointment” as an option on your booking site or on your consultation paperwork. This way, clients can pre-select the option allowing the stylist to set the tone upon the client’s arrival. You can also begin your appointments by having the client’s favourite music station on and white noise in the room while encouraging the client to utilize this time for themselves to relax, talk, or even nap!

Another idea is to create a sign in your salon where clients can place it beside the bed to indicate “silent appointment”. 

💡 TIP: Another way is to simply be more aware of the little details. Is your client more quiet than usual? Do they look a little down? Do they appear fatigued? These are all signs that you can read to see if a silent appointment is what they are looking for this time. 

Remember to be attentive to your clients’ needs and customize the experience to suit each of them perfectly!😉

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