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13 March 2023

Different Types of Lashes - Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega

Different Types of Lashes - Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega

The beauty of lash extensions is truly just how customizable you can make the experience for your clients! There are endless possibilities when it comes to lash design but we want to dig into different techniques and define what and how each style look and feel.  We even have some suggestions for what style can fit your individual clients lifestyles because let’s be honest… the lash life isn’t one size fits all! You can even use this blog to inspire your own service descriptions.  Breaking this all down to be clear for clients can be a challenge, but we got you!

Classic… the one who started it all! During the innovative rise of lash extensions over two decades ago, classic lashes hit the scene and the beauty scene was never the same.  Classic lash extensions are defined by a single lash extension fiber bonded to a single natural lash.  Like with all lash extensions, the natural lash is isolated and a lash extension is bonded to the base of the natural.  Classic lash extensions are designed to give a natural, seamless look adding length, definition, and a customized level of curl. Classic lash looks can even look fluffy + full depending on the number of natural lashes and layers a client has! Classic lash diameters (thickness) range from .10, .12 (a UA go-to), .15, and even .18.  Mixing diameters can even be a fun way to create dimension and depth!

Classic lash extensions are great for a client new to lash extensions.  They can get adjusted to aftercare and wear without much hassle! They are also great for clients with a very active lifestyle. Classic lash extensions are called classic for a reason, timeless + effortless enhancement that looks great on anyone. 

Ready to turn up the volume? Well, volume lash extensions let you do just that! Adding endless range of density and dimension they are the answer to clients craving a dark, full lashline. Volume lash extensions are defined by the use of multiple, lightweight lash extensions bundled together in what we can a fan.  These volume fans can be customized to be wide or narrow to create a variety of effects from texture to a smooth, fluid eyeliner style.  Modern volume lash extension diameters are typically .05, .06, and .07 and can have as many as 6+ individual lashes per fan. Beyond that is where we head into mega volume territory (we cover next!) Mixing diameters like classic can be a great way to customize the look of your clients design. 

Volume lash extensions are perfect for clients who love that little bit of extra oomph!  Clients can ditch their strip lashes and even their eyeliner because volume lashes really check all the boxes.  Length, fullness, and texture are all possibilities with volume artistry. Aftercare is a little bit more involved as keeping volume fans flawless and fluffy requires consistent cleansing and brushing.  But once your clients get into a routine they will never go back!

Now we couldn’t head into the next category without touching on hybrid! So with the evolution of both classic and volume artistry, some genius lash artist somewhere said let’s toss the two together and hybrid was born. Hybrid is a style that combines both classic and volume artistry to create a wispy, fluffy look that can be a great prerequisite before full blown volume! Sneaking a few volume fans into a classic lash set adds that little bit of extra density and darkness.  There’s no defined formula for hybrid volume sets so it could be 50% volume + 50% classic or 20% classic + 80% volume or any combination you see fit. We suggest categorizing your hybrid lash work under the volume category as it’s really the same amount of work!

So now let’s dig into mega! You might have heard the term tossed around but mega volume artistry is the latest and greatest evolution in lash artistry.  Mega is the solution for clients who just crave bigger and bolder looks! Using ultra fine diameter lashes in larger quantities fluffy, fans (or bouquets) are created often using a manual technique of pinching with the fingers. Fan dimensions can be anywhere from 10-30+ .03 lashes in each bouquet.  Because the diameters used are so incredibly thin, more lashes can be used in each fan. This effect provides an extremely soft, fluffy but intensely full look that is the boldest lash look you can imagine! Mega volume like all artistry, takes incredible skill to master working with such thin diameter lashes. 

Mega volume lashes give clients the opportunity to wear maximum + length and fullness while maintaining their lash health (when performed expertly).  This means you can give your strip lash lovin’, glam lovers the lash look they’ve been dreaming of! In terms of aftercare it’s incredibly important mega volume clients take extra care to cleanse, use a fan to dry, and brush their lashes out at minimum once a day.  Because of the level of density, dust and debris can accumulate.  Keeping their extensions fluffy while also keeping their natural lashes healthy is a key component to keeping their mega volume lashes magnificent!

So now we’ve given you the crash course in all the lash artistry lingo you’re ready to educate the world! Remember that your potential clients look to you for your expertise so the more descriptive and educational you are, the better results you’ll have finding clients who value your experience. At UA we specialize in curating a collection of products that support your artistry in all ways! Our range of classic, volume, mega volume, and even premade volume fans can help you create unforgettable lash designs for all of your clients. Check out the newest collection here! Once your clients experience our buttery soft extensions, they’ll never want to give them up. 

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