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11 December 2022

Standing Out on Social Media

Standing Out on Social Media

Now we know you’ve been marketing your lash business on social media but are you really standing out in your market? Are you under-booked and feeling overlooked even though you’re posting on the reg?

The socials are a wild and crazy place, but showing your talent + skills is what social media is all about. You CAN stand out and get the traction your lash business needs.  Use these strategies to take you from overlooked to fully booked!


Your uniqueness is your superpower.

90% of consumers said they look for authenticity when deciding what brands they support. This means, you being you… is the way to win! Your unique style can make your business boom. From your look to the way you speak, your audience wants to see the REAL you.  Connecting with your audience through genuine interaction and sharing about your story, passion, and life can have a big impact. 

Pro Tip:  Think about the brands or social media personalities you follow and engage with, do they feel authentic?

Results Rule. 

Just posting a picture of your clients after you’ve applied a perfect full set of lashes doesn’t quite cut it anymore. To stand out, you have to lead the audience's curiosity with results and in our industry that means before and afters! Psychologically, consumers trust you more when they’ve peeked behind the scenes of the process and this can hit home with prospective clients. Showcasing before and afters is highlighting results, not just a finished product. 

Be the Expert.

Ask yourself, what topics are you passionate about that relate to your business? Deliver answers with confidence! Your potential clients are looking for a confident expert to trust. Create content that engages expertise. It might be as simple as answering frequently asked questions or our fave, debunking myths! By sharing content that positions you as the expert, you create immense value in your content. Don’t be afraid to get opinionated! 

Let your audience peek behind the scenes.

The more you share about the experience you offer, the more enticing your content will be! Sharing about the top quality products you use, your professionalism, and all the unique things you offer nurtures your audience's perception of value.  It’s not about freebies or discounts, it’s about the thoughtful ways you infuse value into your clients experience. Remember that the general public doesn’t know a lot of lash extensions, a peek behind the scenes is exciting even a pinch mysterious!

Video… and lots of it.

A lot of brands are stuck in the stone age with an outdated approach to social media. All marketing platforms are geared towards short-form video content meaning 10-45 second videos are it! This can be a great thing for solo beauty entrepreneurs because the need for elaborate graphic design, hashtag strategies, and cutting edge photography are out. Candid, authentic video marketing is in and can launch your brand's visibility to the next level. 


Don’t let social media overwhelm you!  Apply confidence with a dash of creativity to your content and you’ll never feel overlooked again. We hope you enjoyed this blog! 🤗 We’ll see you in our next… ✌🏻 Until then make sure you're following us on:





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