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11 December 2022

How to THRIVE in the Post Holiday Season

How to THRIVE in the Post Holiday Season

You made it! The holiday season is never easy but it’s the best time of year to build up momentum and give your business the boost it needs. Now you might be feeling a little exhausted and maybe even a little unsure about what’s next…

But here’s a reminder that what you’re feeling is totally normal! Facing a whole new year ahead of you now is the time to get grounded, recover, and set yourself up for success post holiday. We’ve got you covered with our tried and true tips for thriving into the new year!

First of all congratulations! Your holiday season was a success if you made every effort to maximize the opportunity the season brings. From selling gift cards to gaining new clients you probably did it all. So now it’s the perfect time to check-in with yourself and your business! Think of it as a post holiday review. 



In order to grow + invest into your business you need to be showing a profit! Breaking down your most profitable services, least profitable services, and retail opportunities is a great place to start the year.  Knowing where you make the most money in your business can help you tune into your marketing strategy for the new year! It’s also a great time to evaluate if a price increase is in order.  

Pro Tip:  Inflation spares no one! If your operating costs such as: rent, supplies, credit card processing, administrative, or payroll expenses have increased that indicates that in order to achieve profit you’ll more than likely need to increase your prices. It’s VERY common for businesses to restructure their pricing, so don’t shy away from making savvy decisions that support your success! 

Work-Life Balance.

How sustainable is your current workflow when it comes work life balance? Do you feel like you’re experiencing anxiety or angst trying to “do it all”? Get real about the type of lifestyle you see yourself living and what changes you need to make to achieve it. The holiday hustle + bustle is great for the bank account but it can lead to burn out! If that’s the vibe then take a step back and evaluate your schedule! Now is the perfect time to lean into boundaries and prioritize your mental and emotional well being.

Pro Tip:  Now is the perfect time to take some time off and pour back into yourself! Spend time doing what you love outside of the lash life. From getting some much needed fresh air to indulging in a massage, you’ve earned it! To make the most of the new year you have to be at your best and brightest. 

New year, new YOU.

You’ve probably been saying you’ve wanted to rebrand for the longest time.  The new year is the perfect time to focus on the what and why behind your brand! Maybe it’s a fresh color scheme or website facelift, you can freshen up the vibes.  Booking a brand photoshoot is one of the best ways to infuse inspiration in the new year. 

Pro Tip:  Making a brand board is a fun way you can tune into what you envision for your brand. Collect images from Instagram, Pinterest, and magazines to turn into a collage! You can do a digital version or even print your images to create a vision board.  Getting a clear, focused vision is the first step towards elevating your brand. 

Clean your space.

Your workspace might be feeling chaotic post holiday! Deep cleaning and purging whatever you aren’t actively loving + using is a great way to realign the vibes and make your workspace more efficient. Any products you aren’t consistently reaching for are probably just taking up space and collecting dust! A great lash workspace is minimal, efficient, and tidy. 

Pro Tip:  If you have products that you don’t LOVE but are still in great shape, donating them to a local beauty school is a great sustainable option! 

Inventory Organization.

The holidays clean your inventory out! After you’ve cleaned and organized your workspace it’s the perfect time to do an inventory check.  From your retail products like growth serum, cleanser, and accessories to lash adhesive, tweezers, and tape you’re probably due for a restock.  

Pro Tip:  If you didn’t sell through as much of your retail products like aftercare now is the time to focus on your marketing! Send out an email and make some social media content to push your  promotions and remind your clients about the awesome products you have to offer.  

Client Check-In.

From the newest clients to join you to your loyal lash lovers, lean into getting in tune with what they love.  It’s so important to focus on client retention + satisfaction to start year off right! If you saw new clients through the holidays send out a text or email thanking them for their business and encouraging them to keep coming back! Even incentivizing them to keep up their lashes into the new year can be a great customer retention campaign idea. And of course, don’t forget to thank your loyal clients for their continued support.  You can even do a referral campaign that encourages + incentivizes them to send more clients your way. 

Pro Tip:  Sending out a handwritten thank you card can make a big impact towards the new clients you served during the holiday season! Thoughtful and unexpected gratitude elevates the customer experience. 


Don’t let the new year stress you out!  It’s all about getting tuned into what’s best for you, your goals, and business.  You’ve got this lash friend! Make your magic happen. 

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