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30 January 2023

Top Lash Trends & Looks for 2023: How to Achieve Them

Top Lash Trends & Looks for 2023: How to Achieve Them

Lash looks and new trends are on the rise for 2023. Like the 2018-19 season of perfect line obsession to the rise of strip lash looks in 2020 the lash industry is blooming with creative, new styles and designs every year! But for 2023 we are predicting the biggest variety of new lash looks on the rise since volume artistry hit the scene over a decade ago. With new lash extension curls, finishes, and even techniques we are seeing a whole new level of versatility, and we just gotta say… WE ARE HERE FOR IT! So are you ready to peep our predictions for the industry’s TOP trends in lash design? Let’s GO!

  1. Foxy, liner looks.  With the rise of the infamous M curl super sexy, shorter designs that elongate and accentuate eye length are going to be hot, hot, HOT! Giving the eyes the illusion of extra length and a more almond shape these scream sultry, bedroom eyes.  Using M curls to even balance a downturned eye can work wonders to transform a bulgy or ultra round eye shape, giving it a softer illusion. Liners looks from European lash artists have taken the socials by storm! Lengths as short as 5-10mm give the natural lash line a level of darkness and depth without the length, mimicking a cat eye liner. You can even even create stunning strip lash looks with M curl too.  Place longer length spikes on the top layers of the lash line for the ultimate textured design! 

Pro Tip: Looking to create a liner look? Opt for M curl, layering your longest lengths on the bottom layers gradually placing short lengths on the top layers, this will give you the sharpest liner look.  And don’t forget to angle those outer corner lashes towards the ears for the ultra winged illusion!

  1. Angel lashes.  Now the term “angel lashes” is fairly fresh on the scene! These are ultra wispy, airy designs using .03 or .05 lashes with closed fan spikes.  These “spikes” are fairly thin to create a super soft, but dark at the base illusion.  The secret is to keep the bottom layer lashes short than the top layer lashes which helps to create that wispy texture that make angel lash looks so dreamy! We are predicting angel sets will be the hot new buzz that clients will be asking for by name.  We also LOVE they are beginner lash friendly as they don’t technically require a traditional volume fan.  They check all the boxes for clients looking for those “natural, dramatic, but not too dramatic, not too natural” lash looks. 

Pro Tip: Use premade lashes in shorter lengths 7-9 on the bottom lashes then go in with thin closed fans in .03 or .05! This is a savvy spin on the angel set that can both save you time and give your client the wispy goodness they crave. Peep the UA artist inspired premade collections for ALL the range you need to create these looks. 

  1. Wet Look/Texture.  On the rise in 2022 but our prediction is that they will take the lash scene by storm in 2023! Like a classic lash set on saucy steroids, you can create a huge range of illusions from dramatic to ultra soft, natural vibes. Wet look lashes use volume diameters like .03, .05, .07 to create closed fan spikes that come to a clean point at the tips, as if the fan were “wet”. Clients who crave that mascara look but with more density and darkness will SWOON over the set that truly gives them the best of both worlds.  Like angel sets, we LOVE how beginner friendly the wet look technique is! Grab a model and give this trend a try.  You’ll want to show off this look on your portfolio because clients WILL be asking for it. 

Pro Tip: For a bolder wet lash look use .05 lashes with a larger “bundle” to create your spike.  For a softer, wispier wet lash look opt for .03 lashes with a slimmer “bundle” to create your spike.  Remember that mixing and matching how large of a spike you create just adds extra dimension and depth to the look.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and develop a style all your own!

  1. Brown Lashes.  Now this lash trend is just starting to get popular! From creating highlights in your design to giving a lighter complexion client a softer look, this can be such a versatile go-to.  Brown lashes are not only beautiful but they can still create a beautiful depth and darkness when layered. You can even mix and match our other lash trends with brown lashes! Brown lash angel set anyone? Or how about a brown lash M curl foxy look? The sky is the limit with this one! Add a brown set to your portfolio and use it to show clients your range of artistry during their first consultation.  This just reinforces just how talented and creative of a lash designer you are!

Pro Tip: Create an ombre effect by using shorter length brown lashes on the bottom layers while blending to black extensions on the middle and top layers. Or even reverse the flow by putting black lashes on the bottom layers and brown lashes on the middle and top layers! Your clients will fall in love with your creative spin.

No matter what skill level you’re at, there’s a 2023 lash trend you can remix and make your own! Staying up on the latest lash looks will make you the go-to artist in your city.  And as far as the lash supplies you’ll need to create these trendy looks… We’ve got you covered! We have TWO finishes both satin and matte lashes, brown lashes, a huge range of diameters from .03-.18, and C, CC, D, + M curls! You’ll never miss out on a lash trend again. Cheers to your creativity lash friends!

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