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21 June 2024

Meet the Lash Symmetry Queen, LASHESBYREB

Meet the Lash Symmetry Queen, LASHESBYREB

Hey there! 

I'm Rebekah, but Reb works just fine. I'm the brains behind LASHESBYREB, the lash brand that's all about symmetrical lash styling. But before we dive into that, let me share a bit about myself and how LASHESBYREB came to be. 

Let's keep this short and sweet, but it's crucial that you get a glimpse into who I am, so these words feel more human to you as your brain processes them. 

The journey of LASHESBYREB began spontaneously in 2019. I was a university student, juggling studies with shifts at my parents' cafe, and harboring a long-standing passion for business. 

Even as a young girl, I was a budding entrepreneur, dabbling in ventures like "RebsChapstick," silly band sales (please tell me you know what those are!), and even selling rocks—yes, rocks! I didn't fully understand what business meant back then, but what I did know is, I loved creating and selling, nonetheless. 

During a lash appointment with my lash technician, she mentioned hosting a lash course. Her words sparked something in me—perhaps it was her conviction or my own persuasive nature—but by the end of our appointment, I found myself paying for the lashes I just got, as well as a course deposit for the lash course I had signed up for next month... 

During the course, I soon realized applying lash extensions was far from an easy skill, and my combination of being a perfectionist and a slow learner was a recipe for disaster at the time. I somehow managed to pass the class, get my certificate, and I called up my best friend so she could come on over and she could get some free lashes! 

Eight hours of lying on my bed, frequently being asked, “Reb, why are you shaking so much?” and many deep exhales from internalized anxiety, I finally completed my first-ever classic lash set with a whopping 50% coverage. Let's show you… 

Then, COVID-19 struck, further complicating matters. With no one to practice on and a deep sense of isolation, I found myself questioning my path. Yet,

amidst the chaos, something inside me refused to give up. I kept lashing, kept attending classes, and kept focusing on my health. Through it all, I gained invaluable self-insight, discovering resilience and determination within myself. 

As my proficiency in lashing improved, I began to discern a significant issue within our industry—one that I encountered both as a client receiving lash extensions and as a technician applying them. I couldn't grasp why certain lash styles appeared flattering on one client but not on another. 

There were moments when my own lash extensions looked satisfactory, but more often than not, I felt dissatisfied. It seemed like my eyes were drooping at the outer corners or that the lashes were pointing downward, obscuring my sclera. This inconsistency unsettled my analytical mind; I craved predictability in the outcomes of my lash applications. I was determined to understand and master the art of lashing for every individual who walked into my salon, regardless of their unique characteristics. 

This realization marked the inception of something remarkable for LASHESBYREB. After intense focus and a year of rigorous independent research, self-education in facial and ocular anatomy, and conducting in-person case studies, I began to discern patterns and connections. This eye-shape + this eye-set + this eye plane looks best with this lash style and this lash curl. —it all started to make sense! 

Despite the complexity of the subject matter, I was driven to distill this knowledge into a guide that even a kindergartener could grasp—a resource that would simplify the intricacies for lash technicians everywhere. 




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