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13 March 2023

Different Types of Curls & How to Choose

Different Types of Curls & How to Choose

Modern lash extensions are incredibly versatile and customizable with trends ever evolving.  As lash artists we have creative control to design and style lash illusions beyond our clients wildest dreams! And the real beauty of lash artistry is that no two clients have the exact same features, preferences or natural lashes, which means it’s up to us to get creative to find the perfect match for each and every client.  Now there are endless possibilities when it comes to lash design and styling but we want to dig into the hot topic of curls! The evolution of manufacturing has created more curls and variants than ever before… and we know the curl “alphabet” can make your head spin! So like the loyal study buddies we are, we want to share our notes with you.  Let’s dive in!

Let’s start with some of the more well known, traditional curls you may be more familiar with.  

C Curl: The OG! A true classically soft curl that is a gentle, minimal curl.  It’s a great option for a client who has a natural lift to their lashes already! It will enhance and emphasize their natural lashes without being too bold or “lifted”.  On a client with a straight lash or even downward facing, it won’t give too much height or visible length because the soft curl will sit at a more relaxed angle.  

C can be a great option for a client brand new to lash extensions looking to start their lash journey with a natural, soft lash enhancement.  C curl can also be used to create a short + sweet liner look with volume lashes in short lengths like 6-11mm.  All the darkness without the “long lash” look. 

We love C for:

Very round/protruding eye shapes, C can be really complimentary

Clients hesitant about lash extensions looking “fake”

Clients who want more fullness than length.

On the outer and inner corners of the eyes for balance and emphasis

On the outer corners of very upturned eyes for balance


CC Curl: The C curls sassy cousin! Think traditional C curl after a few shots of espresso, perkier with a little more personality. CC curl can be a bold, lifted curl depending on your clients natural lash shape. With a curved natural lash a CC curl will look bold and rest naturally higher towards the brow. With a straight natural lash a CC curl will give a perky, but still natural look. CC curl is a great go-to for when you want to create soft texture, lift, and accentuate length. 

C + CC blended together is a winning combo! C looks amazing in the inner corners to about the first ⅓ of your design, then bumping up to CC in the middle to outer corner can give a gorgeous lift and accentuate almost any eye shape.  Get creative with mixing up these curls to give your clients a unique look they will love!

We love CC for:

Clients who want a little extra length and lift in their lash design

Hooded or downturned eye shapes that benefit from a lift

Deep set eyes can be drawn forward and balanced

Clients with downward facing natural lashes

D Curl: We think D curl stands for DRAMATIC! This supercharged curl will give your clients the length + height that’s perfect for the glam lovers. This is a curvy curl so making sure you’re focusing on getting a great connection between the natural lash and extension is super important! (A love a side connection with this one) D curl can be a great option when a clients craving extra length and isn’t afraid of a bold look.  

D curl can be amazing mixed with CC or even C curl! Creating strip lash looks with D curl spikes or closed fans can be the ultimate design for the strip lash lovers! Spikes, wisps, and textures are all D curl approved!

We love D for:

Texture and creative styling

Outer corners when you need to lift and balance a downturned eye shape

Clients who like a dramatic, bold lift. 

L Curl: A super unique and oh-so satisfying curl! L curl can remind you of using a lash curler on someone’s super straight natural lashes for a super LIFTED look.  This curl tends to come in a variety of different shapes as it’s a little less common but never the less, beautiful! L Curl can often resemble the letter “L” as the base is straight with a semi-severe curve straight up. L has been described as a textured lash meaning it creates spikes and unique texture that can mimic a mascara look.  

L curl is super versatile! When placed at a 90 degree angle they are super perky and textured.  However when placed at an angle more along the lines of 45 degrees slightly slanted, they create a soft, liner look. This curl is definitely for more of an adventurous client looking for a unique illusion!

Note: Sometimes L curl has multiple variations like L, or L+ this refers to the the shape of bend and curvature of the lash extension.  L+ tends to be more severe pointing straight up and L tends to be more of a curved shape.  Both can create beautiful effects based on what you’re looking to achieve!

We love L for:

Creating spikes, texture, and wet look designs

Dramatic lift 

For hooded eyes with straight natural lashes, they can be a gamechanger

M Curl: We like to think of the M Curl a remix on the L curl… made for a more modern design! Foxy lash looks are all the rage and M curl is the go-to in 2023 (and beyond!) With a straight base + perky dramatic upturned curl you get the best of both worlds.  Great surface area between the straight base and natural lash can also help with awesome retention on straight and curl lashes alike. 

M curl is like an avant garde curl that can transform a variety of eye shapes into a foxy masterpiece! M is especially fab at extending the eye shape towards the outer corner, for a super transformative lash look. Try M curl on clients with a hooded eye for a bold, lifted look. 

We love M for:

Creating foxy, liner looks

Round eyes can be balanced with M 

Hooded eyes can be lifted with M

Almond eyes can be accentuated with M

Texture, spikes, and wet look designs


Remember that mixing and matching curls will help you achieve beautiful lash illusions so don’t be shy, get creative! The only rule in lash design is… there are no rules.  Between curls, lengths, diameters, and creative technique, the sky is the limit!  So step outside your comfort some and explore some new lash curls you’re less familiar with… you (and your clients) might just find yourself loving the new vibes. 

Our selection of lashes gives you the chance to explore all the curls! From C to M curl lash extensions we’ve got it in stock and ready for you to make lash magic.  

Explore our artist inspired collection of premade fans in a huge range of curls and dimensions… or the creators collection that comes in your choice of matte and satin finishes for the ultimate customization! And don’t forget to tag us in your creations #untamedartistry to be featured. Cheers to your creativity lash friends! 

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