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13 March 2023

What Companies SERIOUS About Sustainability Do

What Companies SERIOUS About Sustainability Do

When a company makes a commitment to sustainability, you might think… oh great, recyclable packaging. But in truth, sustainability is a much bigger conversation! And especially in the lash industry, it’s a conversation we think needs amplified.  As a brand and business, we believe that a conscious approach to sustainability means asking the hard questions, creating solutions, and aligning with what we believe in. So let’s talk sustainability and success… and what it takes to achieve both! 

Did you know it is estimated the beauty industry globally produces more than 120 million units of waste each year? In the US, 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic were created for the cosmetic industry. Companies serious about sustainability don’t just say, “Well, let’s create recyclable products” it’s a more proactive approach to not just avoid the negative impact on the planet but to nurture a positive impact. 

Sustainability starts at the beginning of a product's life cycle, including raw materials, sourcing, and conscious manufacturing.  This can be a major challenge in today’s climate, being as though so many companies use overseas manufacturing and labor to produce and distribute products.  Brands who truly commit to sustainability source and manufacture products ethically, regardless of the increased cost to do so!  In the lash industry, this is an issue rarely discussed, with most private-label products being produced with little to no oversight. With a global supply chain, companies have to build transparent relationships with manufacturers.

Sustainable companies will produce products that are waste-conscious, with as little excess waste as possible.  Meaning packaging that’s minimal, functional, and often reusable! This impacts the environment in a big way as a company grows and scales. When sustainability is a core value- balancing function, quality, and environmental impact becomes a company's big-picture mission. Especially in the beauty industry, packaging can be excessive and elaborate for the sake of brand luxury… but true sustainably-focused brands know quality doesn’t mean excess!

Success doesn’t need to come at the expense of our environment, and more consumers worldwide feel the same way! Sustainable companies put the values of their customers first, and ethical, conscious business practices are top of the list for millions of people globally.  

At Untamed Artistry, we’ve evolved to build our brand with sustainability at its core. Not only do we want to make a positive impact, but we also want to influence our entire industry to take a serious look at how to do better. With so many of our products being produced overseas, we’ve stepped up the challenge of tracking down raw material sources, innovating new minimal packaging, and sharing our mission with you, our fellow #lashnerds! We realized how many plastic lash trays a year were ending up in landfills around the world, and we knew we could do better.  It started with innovating a new system of lash trays that minimized waste without sacrificing quality! And from there, we ensured every part of the UA product collection was as environmentally conscious, plastic-free, and ethically sourced as possible.

Packages: Our 100% recyclable boxes are coating-free and use safe ink-printed practices with zero plastic. We even use packing peanuts that are dissolvable in water.  Our packaging leaves no trace!

Products: From our paper tweezer tubes to our plastic-free, magnet-free lash trays, you can recycle or biodegrade over 99.5% of all our packaging elements! We’ve even remixed our mixed trays to minimize lash extension waste and maximize your lash business profits. As we move forward in our product development and innovation, sustainability and fair trade practices are at the core of how we move forward!

Just some of the moves we’ve made our mission:

  • Our biodegradable packing peanuts dissolve in water as the organic compounds begin to break down- taking only a few minutes for the pellets to dissolve completely! Since bio-peanuts are made from natural, plant-based starches, you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment once they wash away. We recommend putting them in the base of your sink and allowing them to dissolve as you wash your hands or clean your tweezers to minimize water waste.
  • With over 90% of our product packaging recyclable, we have reduced landfill waste significantly.
  • New biodegradable applicator handles- biodegrade in 6 months at home or 3 months at a facility
  • Biodegradable bags for all applicators and lash trays
  • Recyclable lash tray box and premade box
  • 85% waste reduction in new premade system
  • Shipping boxes are sourced sustainably with the sustainable forestry initiative and are 100% recyclable
  • Eco-conscious ink printing on all marketing materials and product packaging

Pushing ourselves towards environmental and social sustainability in the beauty industry. We’re dedicated to an ongoing greater understanding of where all elements of our products/materials are sourced. We strive to ensure all manufacturers follow a rigorous code of conduct, complete relevant certification, and promote fair labour practices. This is just one of many FIRSTS for the lash industry!

We believe that small changes impact our environment + communities in big ways.  We are proud to be making sustainable moves toward a brighter future and a happier planet and hope you’ll join us on this journey!  

When you make Untamed Artistry products a part of your lash business you’re actively supporting sustainability in the lash industry.  Check out our best sellers to find incredible value, conscious + sustainable solutions, and more free education to support you!

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