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17 September 2021

How Long To Wait To Get Your Eyelash Extensions Wet?

How Long To Wait To Get Your Eyelash Extensions Wet?

Telling your clients to wait 24-48 hours before taking a shower or wetting their lash extensions is so yesterday! 😌

Have you been reading a bunch of conflicting aftercare instructions over the web that is confusing you😵‍? Unsure of how long your clients should wait to get their extensions wet? 

This blog is just for you because we’re spilling the TEA.🍵👇🏻


About 4-5 years ago, lash artists were taught that clients MUST wait at least 24 hours before they can wet their eyelash extensions. Some lash artists were even taught to inform their clients to not get them wet, ever! Well, we’re here today to share with you that:  

Clients SHOULD be cleaning their lash extensions every day with a lash cleanser, and they DO NOT need to wait 24 hours before showering or washing their face.

How does cyanoacrylate work?

Before jumping into explaining why clients don’t have to wait to get their eyelashes wet, it’s important to understand HOW our adhesives work. Cyanoacrylate adhesive is a monomer while fresh in our adhesive bottles. When cyanoacrylate comes into contact with moisture from the air, a chemical reaction occurs where the monomers chain up, forming a polymer (polymerization) that is solid and hard. This means that cyanoacrylate does not dry with air, but actually hardens when in contact with water and moisture. 

Why did we once tell clients to wait before getting their eyelashes wet? 

Years ago, lash extension adhesives did not cure nearly as quickly asadhesives in the current market (0.5-3 seconds). As a result of this, lash artists needed clients to wait much longer before getting them wet to avoid shock curing the adhesive, which could potentially affect the appearance of the adhesive and the strength of the bond. Furthermore, the industry was so new (the lash industry is still considered quite new even until now!) that no one really fully understood everything about lash adhesive curing and retention. 

Fast-forward to modern day lash industry 

Our lash industry is fast evolving and always improving (yassss to lash innovation🙌!). Not only have lashing supplies such as tweezers, lashes, and adhesives leveled-up, but so has our knowledge 🧠 of them.

High quality lash adhesives on the market now cure within seconds, and therefore do not require 24 hours down time before your clients can get their lashes wet! 

Speaking of level-ed up adhesives, here are our faves and each one’s respective curing time 💙: 

lash extension adhesive


Time’s Up: 0.5 seconds

Invisible Ink: 1 second

Retention: 1 second

Hold Up: 2-3 seconds

Don’t forget! Now we know that if the adhesive isn’t curing as fast as we’d like, lash artists can simply increase the humidity of the lashing environment with a humidifier, or even a nano-mister. 

Thanks to better, faster-curing lash adhesives, our clients can now enjoy their hot steamy shower AND give their fluffy lashes a deep cleanse right after the appointment!

Alrighty lash friends, thanks for geeking out with us 🤓! 

Struggling with lash retention on one eye, or want to learn more about lash adhesives and retention?

Check out our blog “why your clients are losing lashes on one eye” to learn more! 

Check back with us soon because we still have a ton to share with you! 

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