the product:
No matter what level you are, this classic black adhesive is a must-have ❤. RETENTION’s so versatile & simple! There’s an almost magnetic pull when applying the extension to the natural lash. One second later & your client’s one step closer to perfection.  

the facts(TL;DR):
✔ perfect for classic or volume artists
✔ 1 second dry time
    🔎 lower humidity/temp = slower dry time
    🔎 higher humidity/temp = faster dry time
    🔎 may also vary slightly based on glue pick up amount,    
          application speed, & dimension of the fan
✔ black & thin viscosity
✔ low fume 👃
✔store unopened adhesive in the fridge for up to 5 months
✔ store opened adhesive in a dry, cool, & dark place with silica or rice. 
✔ replace opened bottles every 4 weeks 
✔ no shake needed if you use right after opening (otherwise, give it a little shake)
✔ ideal environment is 20C/68F - 23C/75F🌡️ & 35-55% humidity 

the tea:
💡 Minimal, high-quality ingredients
💡 Formulated by a #lashnerd chemist; no rebranding here!
💡 Made in small batches for BEST quality 
💡 Using extensions in under 30% humidity is NOT recommended 🙅 it can cause irritation for client & artist