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12 July 2021

Why Your Clients Are Losing Lash Extensions On One Eye

Why Your Clients Are Losing Lash Extensions On One Eye

Have you ever wondered why lash extension retention is always worse on one eye 😩? Can’t figure out why? Well, you’re in for a treat because this week because we’re revealing the most common reasons why clients are losing more lash extensions on one eye.

Lash nerds! Whenever you’ve experiencing retention issues with one eye, always ask yourself this:what’s different on that side? Make a list📝 of all the factors that are different, from the environment, to your setup, to the way you cleanse the lashes, and apply the extensions. Really think about all the potential major culprits.🧐


Here are the most common issues:

Factor 1: Environmental Difference

You’re probably thinking… “What? It’s not like one eye is in a different room”. The environmental difference we’re referring to, for example, is perhaps the left eye is directly beside a window or a humidifier. This is a common one! If a source of heat 🌡 or humidity💧is adjacent to one eye, you bet it can affect lash extension retention. Heat and humidity both work to speed up cure time of the lash adhesive, therefore the adhesive will be curing faster on that side. If the adhesive cures before the lash extension is applied to the natural lash, retention will be poor.


✅ Make adjustments to the lash room setup to avoid environmental differences


Factor 2: Adhesive Curing

Most of us lash artists have our lash extension palette, and lash adhesive sticker placed on the lash bed on one side of the client’s head (left or right). This means that the lash adhesive is always closer to one eye, right? The distance and time that is required to travel from the lash adhesive to each eye is different because one eye will always be further away from the lash adhesive. This can be an issue for lash artists that use very fast curing adhesive or new lash artists that are slower at lash application.

By the time the lash extension dipped in adhesive travels to the eye that’s further away, the adhesive is partially cured, and doesn't form a proper bond. For this reason, the eye with poorer lash retention is the eye that isn’t right next to the lash adhesive.

✅ Use a slightly slower curing adhesive, such as our hold up (it has a 2-3 second dry time, giving you just enough wiggle room to apply the lash extensions just right 😉)

✅ Tilt/turn client’s head to shorten the distance from lash adhesive to client’s eye

Pickup a little more adhesive when coating the lash extension


Factor 3: Poor Application

Have you ever noticed that one eye is always easier to apply extensions on in comparison to the other eye? Struggling with proper eyelash attachment? Attempting to apply the lash extension multiple times without success? If this is the case for you, the eye with lash retention issues is the eye that is harder to lash. When the lash extension is not applied properly, or you when weren’t able to apply in the first go, retention will definitely be a problem.


✅ Use tape to assist in easier lash application (tape up, lift eyelid, stretching eyelid, etc)

  • we recommend grip (fan fave!) and flex

✅ Tilt client’s head to better see/apply lash extensions


Factor 4: Client factors

The last factor is fully related to the client. Although less common than lash artist error, client aftercare, medical conditions and medications, and natural lash criteria can affect retention. Clients who sleep on one side of their face can have poorer retention on the eye they sleep on. The constant rubbing of the eye on the pillowcase can lead to lash shed.


✅ Remind clients not to sleep on the side, or on the face

✅ Educate clients on proper aftercare

✅ Recommend switching to a silk pillowcase for less friction


Alright lash nerds, thanks for geeking out with us 🤓! Don’t forget to check back next week to learn more 😉!

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