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06 April 2022

Find The Best Lash Extension Glue For You

Find The Best Lash Extension Glue For You

Hey, are you a lash artist or lash technician on the hunt for the best lash extension glues in the industry?

Finding the best lash glues can be tricky, especially if you are a new artist with little experience. The good news?This blog will END your hunt, and help you find the adhesive that you have been searching high and low for. Selecting the best lash glues from all the ones in the industry requires a deeper understanding of the adhesive itself, how they work, and what qualities to look for. BUT obviously we have you covered! We will be solving all the adhesive mysteries with you! Ready to find your dream adhesive with us? Let’s go!

We have THE glue for you. 

At Untamed Artistry, we like to call ourselves lash nerds because as the name suggests, we are quite the nerds in the field! We are always keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest news, and keeping up with all the innovative ideas and products. We have formulated the best lash glues alongside our chemist for every reason, season, and skill level! Read through the description to find the best lash glue... perfect for YOU!

Retention: A must-have adhesive that suits different skill levels and application techniques. This adhesive has been named one of the best lash glues by many! 

Untamed Artistry Retention Lash Extension Adhesive

black adhesive

✅  thin viscosity

✅  1 sec dry time

✅  low fume


Invisible Ink
: A clear version of the “Retention” adhesive. The same dreamy formulated without carbon black! A must-have for clear adhesive lovers! 

Untamed Artistry Invisible Ink Lash Extension Adhesive

✅  clear adhesive

✅  thin viscosity

✅  1 sec dry time

✅  low fume


Time’s Up
: The track star of our adhesive squad. Time’s Up is by far one of best lash glues for advanced lash artists, classic lashing, or those who use pro-made or pre-made fans. This adhesive is also great for artists lashing in low temperature and humidity.  

Untamed Artistry Time's Up Lash Extension Adhesive


✅  black adhesive

✅  thin viscosity

✅  0.5 sec dry time

✅  low fume


Hold Up
: A dream adhesive for new artists with slower hands - this adhesive gives you the perfect amount of time to get that lash bonded perfectly before it cures! Hold Up is also a favorite for those lashing in a hot and humid environment. 

Untamed Artistry Hold Up Lash Extension Adhesive


✅  black adhesive

✅  thin viscosity

✅  2-3 sec dry time

✅  low fume





The ingredients (aka recipe for the best lash glues).

The best lash glues have very few ingredients, and usually consist of cyanoacrylate and carbon black.Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient of the adhesive. This is the base of all lash glues, and is responsible for the unique properties of lash adhesive - strong hold, and fast curing in the presence of moisture. There are different types of cyanoacrylate that are used to enhance the overall formulation and experience of the adhesive.Carbon black is the ingredient that acts as a pigment - it is the ingredient that gives black adhesive the black color. Clear adhesive does not have this added ingredient, and is therefore colorless and clear. 

Back to the basics - cyanoacrylate.
Before we help you find the best lash glues that work for you, let’s go over the basics of eyelash extensions adhesive. As we have mentioned earlier, the main ingredient of eyelash extensions adhesive is cyanoacrylate. This is the same across all the lash adhesives in the industry, including even the best lash glues! It is therefore important to understand how it works. 

How it cures.
Unlike most adhesives, cyanoacrylate doesn't "dry" by solvent evaporation. Cyanoacrylate cures when exposed to water/moisture. How does this work? The cyanoacrylate molecules polymerize when they come into contact with water. This is a chemical reaction where the molecules start bonding super fast to one another, linking up in chains, & forming a durable mesh. This is how the adhesive cures and hardens.

Humidity and temperature.
What affects the curing speed of your eyelash adhesive is the humidity and temperature of your lashing environment. Higher humidity and temperatures lead to the adhesive curing at a faster rate. This is why you may find that your usual favorite adhesive cures too fast during the hot, humid summers. On the other hand, cooler and drier weather in the winter months lead to slower curing. 

The best lash glues for you - the truth

Are the adhesives that you are currently using not working for you? Are they curing way too fast, or way too slow?This is a sign that the adhesives you have might not be the best lash glues for you, or the environment you are working in. Let’s break down all the reasons why that is the case! 

Incorrect temperature and humidity.
Always double check that the “ideal” environment for the adhesive corresponds to your lashing environment. This means that the temperature and humidity of your lashing room should fall within the range that the adhesive works best in. The best lash glues have this information on the website to assist you in selecting the correct lash adhesive. For example, ourUntamed Artistry lash adhesives work best in20C - 23C (68F - 75F) and 35-55% humidity and we recommend lashing at 50% humidity for the most optimal adhesive performance and to reduce the chance of irritation.

If you notice that your adhesive is suddenly not working as per usual, a simple adjustment to the lashing environment may help. 

Is your adhesive curing too quickly?
Use a dehumidifier (⬇️ humidity) and lower the air conditioning (⬇️ temperature) to reduce moisture in the air and slow down the curing speed. 

Is the adhesive curing too slowly?
Place a warm-mist humidifier (⬆️ humidity) in the lash room to add moisture in the air and speed up cure time.

When you have found an ideal humidity and temperature range that works with the adhesive, mark that sweet spot down for future reference! You will want to ensure that your lashing space is always within the range. 

The adhesive cure speed does not suit you.
A common mistake that many new lash artists run into during the beginning of their career is asking for the wrong advice. What do we mean by this? Many new artists who struggle with retention usually believe that the adhesive they are using is of poor quality (in reality, there are many factors that can contribute to this). Hence, they reach out to experienced lash artists to inquire about the best lash glues that they use. 

An issue here is that the adhesives that suit experienced artists typically do not suit new lash artists. The reason being is that experts in the field are much quicker at lash application and preferfaster curing adhesives. New lash artists on the other hand typically take much longer with lash application and require aslower curing adhesive. Retention will be poor when a newbie uses a fast-curing adhesive that is formulated for advanced artists. This is because the adhesive will cure even before they get a chance to properly apply the lash extension. As such, new lash artists are recommended to use a slower curing adhesive (2-3 seconds) because they are the best lash glues for beginners.However, take comfort in knowing that artists of all skill levels may prefer a slower curing adhesive. A fast adhesive does not correlate with skill set as there are many, many application factors to assess when selecting an adhesive.

What to look for in an adhesive?
Let's chat about some qualities that the best lash glues have! 

Low fumes.
Did you know that all of ouradhesives at Untamed Artistry have low fumes? Here’s why! Lash adhesives with LOW fumes lower the risk of irritations. Fumes from the adhesive can irritate your eyes and your client’s eyes, especially if their eyes were not completely shut during the lash appointment. The best lash glues are made using the types of cyanoacrylate (Alkoxy cyanoacrylate and/or Ethyl cyanoacrylate) which have lower fumes than the rest. 

Freshly made.
Another important factor to consider when finding the best lash glues is the storage life and freshness of the adhesive. Fresh adhesives work WAY better than old adhesive. Using old, expired, separated adhesive can lead to retention issues. All ouradhesives are freshly manufactured in small batches to guarantee the freshest quality of the adhesive. Adhesive does NOT sit in our headquarters for months before they arrive at your doorstep. All the adhesives we carry arrive to you (with care, and love!) shortly after they have been manufactured! 


Now that you have a better understanding of lash adhesives, we bet that you will know how to find the right adhesive for you! Remember, you want to select an adhesive that suits your lashing speed AND lashing environment! On top of this, you want to make sure that the adhesive is made professionally with low fumes and in frequent batches so that you get the freshest adhesive in your lash cart at all times! SO… What are you waiting for? It’s time to SNAG your perfect adhesive from the best lash glues in the market! 

We cannot wait to share more with you in the next blog, so be sure to check back soon! In the meantime, if you want to learn more about lash adhesives, check out our blog on why lash extensions adhesive turns whitehere!

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