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14 November 2022

Your Holiday Lash Prep Guide

Your Holiday Lash Prep Guide

The holiday hustle is here! With a new year around the corner, lash artists around the world are jumping into the busiest time of the year.

From managing new clients rushing in before the holidays to prepping your inventory for the big rush, it’s time to gear up and hit those holiday goals! Consider this blog an early Christmas gift from us with our proven strategies for sanity during the holidays. Let’s get into it!

Set up your systems for seasonal success.

Take a spin through your website, booking links, and service menus. Update all the necessary info to streamline your processes for booking new clients. Adding a page to your booking or website to include FAQ specific to the holiday season can help onboard new clients with less back and forth. Make sure your policies and paperwork are all up to the date too! Save time and maximize your earning potential to hit your holiday goals. 

Prioritize your plans.

It’s only normal to put in extra hours this quarter but don’t forget to make time for YOUR holiday season too! In the business of beauty it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner but remember you deserve a happy holiday too. Now is the time to block off time to enjoy the season! From gift getting to quality time with your family and friends, set your schedule (and stick to it!) Don’t spend another year feeling bummed out because you missed out on what this season is all about. 

Organize your inventory.

Take a look at your books and forecast the supplies you’ll need. Lash companies tend to have an extended processing time and shipping carries can be delayed.  Planning ahead is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for what your business will need! Keep an extra stock of supplies and tools to keep you covered! Also take into account any specials or packages you’ll be offering which will increase your use of product. And don’t forget to keep extra tweezers  + tools in stock in case of a tweezer tragedy!

Market your money makers.

If you’ve got room for any new clients, start marketing your availability now! Tap into a scarcity strategy meaning projecting that you have a very limited number of new client time slots presently and that booking now has a benefit. This could mean you include a freebie like an aftercare kit  to incentivize clients that book their holiday appointments now. Don’t forget that selling gift cards is a great way to increase your sales! Consider a gift card promotion that gives an extra $10 or $20 value when purchased. This is a savvy way you can encourage your clients to give the gift of lashes this season. Staying consistent with your marketing now more than ever will help you end the year hitting your financial goals. 

Push the pre-book. 

Encouraging pre-booking year round is the move but during the holiday season more than ever! This will make your life so much easier in order to predict your schedule (and finances) week to week and month to month.  Encouraging pre-booking will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to when you can accept new clients.  This is the key to savvy marketing and new client onboarding! When you’re checking your client out, simply encourage them to commit to the next few appointments through the end of the year, the benefit to them is simple. Scarcity strategy can also apply to your existing clients as well! No one wants to miss out on their holiday glam.

Give a little gratitude. 

Don’t be a last minute shopper and put together some gifts of gratitude for your clients. A cute holiday card with some cookies or a candle can really make a lasting impression. It’s a luxurious way to let your clients know how much you appreciate them! You could even consider partnering with another local business to gift to your clients. 

Set Healthy Boundaries.

And our lastly, never forget that the holiday season can be stressful! Don’t forget to prioritize your self-care both mentally and physically. Take the lunch breaks, drink the water, and stand by your boundaries.  Don’t end the year without the mindfulness and grounding you need to make your new year everything it deserves to be!

We hope that these tips will help you have your most successful holiday season to date. Looking to stock up for the holiday rush? Check out our selection of innovative supplies  designed for lash nerds by lash nerds! We believe you deserve the best products, tools, and tips to help you build the lash biz of your dreams. We hope you enjoyed this blog! 🤗 We’ll see you in our next… ✌🏻 Until then make sure you're following us on:





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