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14 November 2022

Managing Your Supply Inventory

Managing Your Supply Inventory

Have you ever been in the middle of a booked and busy day and realized you’re down to your lash drop of lash adhesive? Talk about a lash artist's nightmare!

As important as managing your clientele is to your lash business, your supply inventory needs a little time and intention too. Forecasting what your lash business needs in terms of supplies and inventory doesn’t have to be a headache! Here’s our top tips for staying savvy and profitable in your lash biz.

Staying organized.

Just like keeping your clients design maps on file, you need a system to track your inventory and supplies.  You can go old school and use pen + paper approach but we love a good spreadsheet that does the work for us!  Create rows and columns with the supplies you have on hand and the quantities.  Set a reminder on your calendar to view your inventory spreadsheet weekly or bi-weekly.  Having a system like this will also help you foreshadow your upcoming expenses. 

Pro Tip:  Google sheets is a user friendly program that allows you to customize spreadsheets.  There are even templates you can use to help you tailor your spreadsheet to your unique needs. You can input the costs of your supplies as well!

Savvy savings.

Once you’ve started tracking your supplies you can better predict your average use.  Now you can lean into purchasing larger amounts of product/supplies based on those predictions! At UA we offer free shipping on orders over $150 and even offer 10% off on orders over $500. You can get even more value by planning your purchases around major promotional periods like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Stay tuned into upcoming savings events by opting in your fave brands newsletters so you never miss a beat! 

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Invest where it counts.

We know that you have a fave pair of tweezers that you absolutely couldn’t imagine living without, make sure you have a backup! Finding yourself in a pinch and needing to reschedule appointments is a total disaster.  Have the tools you need on hand so you’re never slowed down by whatever life throws at you (or your magic makin’ tweezers).

Pro Tip: If you drop your tweezers and have a backup pair, don’t forget to order a new backup ASAP! Avoid tragedies all together and stay prepared.

Minimize waste.

We’ve all done it, prepped a whole lash tile for a client with lengths we don’t always use! Instead of full strips of lashes, snip your shorter or longer length strips in half. You can always reach for the other half of the strip if you need it, but contaminating a full strip to just have to discard is a waste of precious product.  The same tip goes when it comes to tape! Snip what you need at minimum and go back for another piece if you need it. Keeping product waste to a minimum is not only good for your pockets but also great for the environment.

Pro Tip: Keep the lash wand you’re using for your client on your table, not on the lash bed.  This eliminates the chances of the wand falling to the floor or getting lost in your client's mane, making you reach for a fresh one. Little extra expenses can add up! 

Ready to stock up on your supplies? Check out our selection of top quality adhesives, lash tweezers, and essentials from tape to tiles! We’ve got your lash business covered with industry-first innovations that support your unapologetic creativity! We hope you enjoyed this blog! 🤗 We’ll see you in our next… ✌🏻 Until then make sure you're following us on:




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