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Silicone Lash Palette - 2 Pack

Part of the Untamed Artistry Premade System, these reusable, clear Silicone Lash Palettes are a must. A perfect fit when used with the Maven x Untamed LayLow Lash Tile, the Silicone Lash Palette is here to assist in easy pickup of premade fans. After all, every artist needs a palette!

  • Soft and flexible and easy to apply, and remove off of a lash tile
  • Place on a lash tile to hold premade, promade, or loose eyelash extensions.
    • Peel off one plastic sheet and place the silicone palette on the Maven x Untamed LayLow Lash Tile. Remove the other plastic sheet prior to use.
  • Size: 10.6 cm x 6.7 cm x 0.25 cm
  • Hey friend, please recycle my box and sleeves.
  • Reuse by cleaning with soap and water and allowing to air dry.
    • Stylist Tip: Fan dry one side of the palette and replace on tile. Then fan the other side before replacing the tile lid.
  • Store on your lash tile with a covered lid or by replacing the plastic sheets on each side of the silicone palette.
  • Wipe down with an alcohol prep pad between uses as a sanitary precaution.

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