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Lint Free Applicators

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If your clients come with makeup residue or debris, you’ll live for our lint-free applicators! Velvety soft doe foot wands help you get into the lash line and gently remove debris. Used with a lash cleanser, you’ll be sure to get your client's lashes squeaky clean and prepped for perfect eyelash extension retention. 

They are great for retail and aftercare kits for all your clients.  Show your clients how to use them to remove eye makeup too! 

50 pieces per pack.

We don’t call our brushes and wands disposable… since they are compostable!

  • Applicator handles are made from wheat straw- a plant-based sustainable alternative to plastic.
  • Handles biodegrade in 3-6 months in an at-home compost or in as little as 1-2 months at a compost facility.
    • Pop off the applicator head before composting.
  • Minimize waste by reusing these wands. Simply wash and let air dry.

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