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25 July 2023

Maximize your retention by kicking these common mistakes to the curb

Maximize your retention by kicking these common mistakes to the curb

Struggling to achieve the retention your clients are dreaming of? It’s our never-ending quest to help lash artists master amazing retention they can be proud of! We know the struggle behind trying to make your clients dreams come true with long-lasting durable lash looks. In true study buddy fashion, we’ve distilled the most common mistakes you could be making that are hurting your retention and because we love you, we’re giving you the strategies to switch it up! 

By avoiding these pitfalls, you can maximize the longevity of your work and ensure your clients are thrilled. Say goodbye to the dreaded client texts telling you their losing lashes left and right! Get ready to dive in and discover the secrets to retention success. Let's go!

Mistake #1:

Cleansing the lashes, but not following through with a thorough, warm water rinse. 

Consistent prep helps you achieve consistent results with every client! Cleansing is a great way to remove debris, oil, and residue like dead skin or makeup.  Cleansing the natural lashes and eye area will help to lift that residue away for a squeaky clean work surface.  But adding foaming cleanser to the area without rinsing the area thoroughly means cleanser residue can be left behind, defeating the purpose of a deep cleanse. 

When you’re getting ready to rinse, using warm water can be soothing and help to increase the porosity of the natural lashes. Use as much water are necessary to remove all the cleanser and residue.  Ensure you don’t see any sudsy bubbles left in the lashline or eye area for best results. 

Pro Tip: Use two flocked wands saturated with water to wipe down the lashes from the top and bottom to ensure no residue is left behind. 

Mistake #2:

Not regulating your workspace's temperature + humidity. 

As important as using the best quality adhesive is, it’s important to factor in your environment's impact on the chemicals in your lash adhesive. Without proper air circulation, cooling, and balance of humidity, your adhesive may not be functioning to its full potential.  Remember that after during and post-application, your client should be exposed to humidity in order for the adhesive to polymerize or cure, as we call it.  When your bonds cure in the appropriate conditions, the bonds are extremely durable. If your adhesive isn’t exposed to adequate moisture, the bonds will cure in a brittle, fragile condition.  This is really common in very dry or cold + dry environments. 

If you’re brushing your clients' lashes during or after their service and seeing a lot of lashes popping off, this could be the culprit! 

Mistake #3:

Not taking the time to educate + enforce client aftercare.

Remember that we are the lash experts! It's up to us to educate our clients on all the best practices to being about the lash life. Even if a client says they’ve worn extensions before or consistently, it’s still a great opportunity to coach your clients through what their aftercare routine should look like. Start dialogue specifically for their unique lash look, lifestyle, and expectations. It’s so common for clients to get misinformation regarding lash extension aftercare! Walk them through the process step by step, equip them with the right products, and follow up regularly to build trust and accountability. 

Without proper aftercare, even the best lash artist with the best quality products could be left dealing with less-than-perfect retention. Even though we can’t control our clients' commitment to aftercare, we can do everything in our power to encourage them to their lash extension investment. 

Mistake #4:

Forgetting to consult with clients about medications + medical changes.

It is SO common for clients to take prescription meds and have health conditions that effect their lashes. Every health condition is unique but things like thyroid conditions, eczema, kidney disorders, autoimmune and hormonal conditions can lead to major changes that effect lash and hair health. If you notice a major change in the longevity and retention with a client and you haven’t changed anything about the products or techniques that you’ve used, it’s important to discuss any health changes with your client. 

Approach this conversation with honesty, respect, empathy, and professionalism. Understanding what physiological factors could be effecting your client's retention will help you come you work with your client toward a solution. 

Mistake #5:

Using too little adhesive. 

Especially as a beginner, it’s so challenging to establish the fine balance between too much adhesive and not enough! Ensuring your using enough adhesive to create a solid, strong bond between the natural lash + lash extension is up to your discretion however, sometimes (especially with volume artistry) we can end up skimping on the adhesive a bit.  This of course, will affect the longevity of your client's extensions and the overall durability of your work. When in doubt, consciously use a tiny bit more adhesive without going overboard and see if that helps to get better results!

Mistake #6: 

Forgetting to refresh your adhesive dot.

It’s so easy to get into your lash flow, and before you know it, an hour has passed! It’s as simple as setting a time to remind you to reach for a fresh adhesive drop.  Remember that the longer your adhesive dot is exposed to humidity and moisture, the more your adhesive changes chemically.  This can mean your adhesive is curing as it sits out on your workspace. Refreshing your adhesive dot every 15-20 minutes means you’re working with adhesive in it’s best state for creating solid bonds. 

Once your adhesive's texture has changed even in the slightest way, your retention could, in fact become compromised.  The best way to avoid the guessing game is to keep changing your adhesive consistently throughout the service. Remember that consistent practices = consistent results! 

We know that mastering consistent retention can feel like the biggest obstacle in the lash life! But with amazing products, consistent practices, and great communication with your clients, you can achieve amazing results. We’ve all been guilty of one or all of these mistakes, but knowledge is power! If one of these tips helps change your relationship with retention, we wanna know! 

Share your success stories with us on Instagram @untamed.artistry.  We love to hear when your FREE education makes a difference in our community!

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