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30 November 2023

Lash Designs for the New Lash Artist

Lash Designs for the New Lash Artist

So, you’re a new lash artist embarking on your journey to lash the night away. You've set up your very first studio, complete with everything that reflects both you as a person and a lash artist. Ready to take your first client, there's one question looming: what design do you choose? I like to relate this scenario to that memorable scene in Family Guy when Peter and his friends start a band, and the minute they get up, Peter exclaims how they don’t know any songs. If you haven’t seen that episode, I highly recommend it as it can be all too relatable of a scene as we dive into a new career. In this blog, I’m going to teach you lash designs that will build your confidence and keep you from having the same, “Oh, no!” feeling.

Of course, you could opt to freehand your client’s design, but lashing is a very detail-oriented art. Having a guide or template, like lash maps, will better assist you in deciding what looks are right for your clients and keeping your designs well balanced. Lash designs, including lash maps, are helpful tools that assist you, the lash artist, in achieving client satisfaction and client retention- in return building your books as your clients happily return.

But why do we have lash designs? As mentioned earlier, it's a helpful tool for achieving client satisfaction, but it's also crucial for determining which lash designs suit your clients' natural eye shape. This, in turn, aids you in helping the client make informed decisions. For instance, if a client is unsure about what she wants but knows she desires a natural look, lash designs can guide her choice. By knowing lash designs, you’ll also be able to keep up with the latest trends.

Now, let's clarify the difference between lash designs and lash styles. Lash designs are what you "design" for each of your clients' eye shapes, considering factors like down-turned eyes or almond-shaped eyes. On the other hand, lash styles refer to the kinds of lashes you'll be using, such as classic lashes or volume/mega volume lashes.

So, what are the different lash designs? The most common ones include:

Natural Eye (suitable for almond, protruding, mono-lid, down-set eyes): Follows the shape of the natural eye, adding a gradual flare at the ends for a polished, everyday look.

Open Eye (ideal for almond, deep-set, mono-lid, downturned, wide-set, or hooded eyes): Adds longer extensions to the middle of the eye and shorter lashes on the outside corners, perfect for special occasions like prom or weddings.

Doll Eye (recommended for deep-set, mono-lid, downturned, wide-set, and hooded eyes): Adds the longest length to the middle of the eye to create a more innocent "doll-like" appearance, offering a flirty and fun look.

Cat Eye (best for almond, protruding, mono-lid, and closed-set eyes): Extensions that are longer on the outer corners, giving a sultry appearance.

Customization is key for your clients' lashes. Consider application methods or foundation building to make your client feel comfortable and valued. If a client wants a more natural design, it's best not to use mega-volume lashes. If a client prefers a more dramatic design, then classic lashes may not be the best fit.

But how do you decide what lash design is right for your client? The simple answer is, you look at them. However, you can always take a design, like lash maps, and use it as a guide or foundation for your client. Think of it like building a house. You start with the foundation and then build on top of that. We are now real estate agents for lashes. For example, if a client has sparse lashes, using 3D-6D fans will help fill in those gaps. If the client wants a more "everyday" look, then using wispy lashes will help achieve that goal. See? Taking a foundation, like lash maps, and building on it.

Get to know your client during the consultation. Learn their personality, understand their occupation, and inquire whether or not they wear glasses regularly. This information will help you gain an understanding of how far you can take your artistry per client. You do not want to give your client lashes that do not fit their lifestyle. Let the client know it’s okay for them not to know what they want. That’s why you’re a professional. If you ever needed help in school, who would you ask? The professional (teacher. leave me alone).

Fitting lashes for each eye shape:

Note: By taking these factors into account, you can determine the best lash curl for your client.

Almond Eyes: Individuals with almond eyes can rock almost any lash extension. It's up to the client if they want a natural or more dramatic design.


Round Eyes: Short, dense lashes with an emphasis outward will provide a sultry look with the upper eyelid appearing more elongated.

Cat Eyes: A cat-eye or any design with flared-out ends will further enhance the natural lift of the eye and provide a beautiful look.


Hooded Eyes: Doll-eye or open-eye designs suit hooded eyes, which tend to give the appearance of larger, brighter eyes.

In conclusion, as a lash artist and business owner, you have a responsibility to accommodate your clients' needs. It is your duty to provide a wonderful, safe experience for your clients. Obviously, turn a client away if you need to, but taking the time and helping a client with what lash design would enhance their natural features, is something that will set you apart from others. Wear your lash artist title proud! And remember, your work has your name attached to it so be proud of what you do and show it off!

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