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10 November 2023

Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

As a reliable lash artist, you understand the important role that the right tools, especially tweezers used for eyelash extensions, play in shaping your artistry. These tools impact not only the speed of your work but also your personal well-being and the overall ergonomics of your lash application. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of lash extension tweezers, exploring the various types available, guiding you on selecting the right pair for your specific needs, and providing insights on proper maintenance for long-lasting products. Whether you're a seasoned lash artist or a newcomer to the craft, continue reading to discover the significance of your lash extension tweezers!

Much like us, tweezers for eyelash extensions come in diverse shapes, colors, finishes, and materials. Our collection, inspired by our vibrant lash nerd community, caters to a range of techniques and preferences, where the little details truly matter!

Let's start by discussing the crucial element of lash isolation. Working with a variety of natural lashes demands an array of tools. From delicate, thin lashes to denser, layered lash lines, your isolation tools can either elevate or impede your entire application. Here's our lineup:

Meet the best friend of any lash artist—the B.F.F. isolation tweezer. This reliable and helpful tweezer, with its sharp 45-degree angle, makes separating natural lashes remarkably easy, ensuring precise attachment. Regardless of your application preference and experience, a B.F.F. is a must-have in your toolkit.

Ideal for delicate, fragile lash lines and intricate areas like the inner corner, the B.F.F.'s delicate angled tip allows for accurate attachment without exerting excess pressure on the under-eye pad. It even comes in both short and long versions, letting you choose the most comfortable fit. Both are available with a Micro Grip finish for added gripability.

Designed with a slight slant for extra comfort, the M.O. tweezers offer versatility. With ultra-thin tipped precision, they provide the perfect angle for isolation, particularly effective for lashes with a slight curve or curl. The ergonomic design ensures the most comfortable angle you'll find.

Versatile and efficient, the Pick-Me-Up tweezer seamlessly transitions from isolation to classic or volume pickup. The J curve allows for isolation in hard-to-reach bottom layers, ensuring deep, clean isolation even in the thickest natural lash lines. Its super-fine tips make classic lash pickup a breeze, and it's a staple tweezer for the pinch method of fan-making.

The O.G. super straight tweezer is a slim, sleek precision tool. It excels at isolating the finest lashes with accuracy and ease. It's also great for classic lash application. The extra-lightweight, slender design is nearly weightless in your hand, providing the softest closure tension to combat hand fatigue. Ideal for isolating in delicate inner corners, this tweezer is a favorite among our UA pros.


Now that we've covered isolation tweezers, let's explore options for lash extension pickup and volume fan-making. Our collection of tweezers caters to every technique imaginable, reflecting the diversity of lash nerds and their preferences.

The L-shaped Sharp Shooter tweezer, one of the earliest styles popular in North America, features a pointed tip that allows you to "pick" apart volume fans or grip even the widest mega fans without losing a lash. Perfect for classic lash pickup too!

The Down to Fan tweezer, with its petite, dense little boot, concentrates all the pressure for a rock-solid closure and precise pickup every time. Ideal for making narrow volume fans, it's fabulous for classic lash pickup with its refined tip. 

And best of all, Down to Fan comes in standard and Micro Grip! Micro Grip is a micro textured, laser-etched finish on the inside of the foot. This unique finish adds unmatched grip strength and alleviates all tension in your pickup. This means extra grip with less pressure = a lash nerd dream come TRUE!

The Jet Setter tweezer has never met a lash extension it didn't like. From classic to the widest, fluffiest volume fans, this tweezer can handle it all. Versatile and reliable, it excels in various volume fan-making techniques, making it a favorite among our pros.

If classic and modern volume lash enthusiasts could create the perfect tweezer, it would be Pitch Perfect. With a slender, precision boot featuring a lower profile and extended length, it offers unbeatable grip with extra surface area. Versatile for gripping wide volume fans to the shortest lengths, it's a favorite among lash artists of all skill levels.

There’s nothing quite like the versatility of the Pitch Perfect tweezer no matter your skill level! And like Down to Fan, Pitch Perfect comes in a standard + Micro Grip model.

At UA, we take pride in creating artist-inspired tools and products that support unlimited creativity. While there's no "best" tool, our quality is top-notch, and we celebrate the uniqueness of the lash nerd community. Investing in tools and products that empower your creativity and skills is the key to building confidence in your artistry!

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