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07 August 2022

How to START and GROW your lash business

How to START and GROW your lash business

A little birdy told us that you’re starting a lash business… We’ve been there and it can be so overwhelming trying to understand not only lashing but somehow how to RUN a business?!

Where do I even start? Well, first welcome to the lash world friend and congratulations on your new business! We’re here for you every step of the way from picking a name, to registering your business, insurance, booking systems, bookkeeping and our TOP tips to finding clients so you’ll be both excited AND prepared to launch your growing business!

Step 1: Picking a name

With endless possibilities, picking a name for your biz can become SO daunting… Fear not because we’re serving you up some guidelines to choose a name that screams YOU while still ensuring you’re attracting your dream clients. 

Choose a name that reflects what you do. 

Are you just interested in providing lash services? Then consider incorporating “lash”, “extensions” or “lashes” into your biz name for potential clients to easily identify what you do! Or, if you plan on expanding your service range, stick to words like “beauty”, “salon”, “studio” or “esthetics”. This way, there will be no confusion as to what you’re providing. 

You want potential clients to REMEMBER your name…

Your name should be easy to read and memorable. You also want to make sure that your business name isn’t already registered to someone else. With social media becoming more and more popular, we recommend considering how your business name plays on social media. When it comes to social media, a bunch of underscores, dots, or extra letters won’t be your bestie here… Let’s set the scene. I walk up to you on the street and tell you: “Hey, my IG is @untamed.artistry, untamed, dot, artistry.” Seems easy enough to remember, right? But what about this: “It’s @_untamedddd.artistryyyyy, yeah so underscore, untamed with 4 Ds, dot, artistry with 5 Ys.”. You’d definitely be less likely to stalk our gram that night if you’re sitting there debating how many Ys there were.Since you want your brand to be findable, ensure your title is easy to read and pronounce. Referrals are our BFF as artists, so there’s no worse missed opportunity than clients mispronouncing your biz name when trying to support you.

Step 2:  Registering your lash business

Let’s get legal. It’s actually quite simple to register your business… Let’s hop in!

For our Canadian Friends… 

You’ll want to have your business name as well as where you’ll be located prepared and if you’ll be operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or co-operative. I know, we’re getting technical here so if you don’t understand all of those terms just yet, no worries! Check out  how to set up your business being self-employed to learn the best option for YOU. Ready to register? It’s as simple as hopping over to the  Government of Canada website.

For our American friends…

Be sure to check with your individual state requirements. For most states, you’ll have to register with both local and state governments. The  U.S. Small Business Administration website will be your spot to get your name set up and choose your business structure.

Step 3: Insurance

Insuring your business is an absolute MUST whether you’re working out of a home studio or salon space. What insurance will do is protect you against many of the risks associated with lash extensions and running a business in general. No matter how many precautions are taken, there are many accidents that could potentially happen during your work day, some of which aren’t even your fault. 

Let’s dive into a nightmarish possibility… A client slips on a puddle that you hadn’t noticed in your studio, they have the ability to sue for bodily injury as it occurred within your space. Or this: A client has a severe allergic reaction. There’s potential that they could sue for bodily harm. There are various types of insurance to cover even more including theft, a client believing your service did not have their expected results, or claims against damage due to products you’re using/selling. We HIGHLY recommend researching the coverage available to find the right one with you. Having this insurance set up allows you to lash without worry, having the confidence that you’re protected.

Step 4: How are you going to take bookings?

It might take some trial and error to figure out the best booking method that works for you. Most stylists opt to book via DM, phone, text message or online booking.

Ready for our FAV?

Online booking can save you a LOT of time.  Vagaro is one of our fav platforms to take online booking. It even allows you to sync to your Google, Apple or Outlook Calendar to keep all of your appointments and commitments in one place. Another option is to go with whichever company hosts your website,  Squarespace has the option to add online booking directly onto your website. As with any booking method, you will need to ensure that you are regularly checking your appointments and setting proper working hours. We’ve been there, getting super overbooked because that one client was just BEGGING, and then another… And one more. With an online booking system, you can easily set the hours you’re available so you don’t end up burnt out. The main benefit to online booking is that you won’t have to spend hours scrolling through DMs and text messages attempting to coordinate with clients, they’ll see every space you have available and book accordingly. 

Step 5: Bookkeeping

We get it, we are in a creative industry so not all of us love accounting. But always keep in mind that you are running a business… You got this! First off, track EVERY expense for your business. Having a separate credit card strictly for business expenses will make this SO much easier. In addition, for any of these purchases, you need to keep every single receipt. Depending on where you live, there are various deductions and allowances that you’re able to claim. These often include: Business Insurance, education, studio rent or necessary office supplies and SO many more.

Search for tax deadlines early so you have ample time to plan ahead and avoid any late fines. Don’t be afraid to consult with a CPA or accountant, they’ll be able to answer all of those numbers questions that might make your head spin. There are numerous platforms for online bookkeeping and accounting to help keep you stay organized. Search around for one that works with YOU. Some popular softwares for lash artists include  QuickBooks,  Xero or  ZipBooks. Utilizing a booking software like Vagaro will also help you track your revenue coming in.

Step 6: Great! I’m all set up… But how do I find clients?

Starting out, don’t be afraid to share with your friends, family or coworkers about your fresh biz. Word of mouth will always be KEY. You can even use these trusted individuals as models to practice. This way, they literally become a walking billboard of your ah-mah-zing artistry everywhere they go!

Social Media

Now that you have your biz name, get on the gram! Social media remains a powerful tool, especially for us artists as our craft is so visual. Work on your photo taking game to create a portfolio that’s sure to catch any new client’s eye. We’re obsessed with including full face lifestyle photos to really show clients the life that they could have with lashes. We all love a good eyeball photo to display that up-close artistry too… Although full face photos allow the potential client to more easily visualize themselves with lashes and why they’re perf to simplify their everyday lives. We could talk about Insta tips 5ever so for even more, check out our blog on the  3 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Beauty Business IG


Come on, do I really NEED a website? Yes, yes, yes and more yes! Utilize your social media as a way to drive traffic towards your site. There are SO many benefits to having a well-done website like:

  1. Appealing to your ideal clientele. 
  2. Having information readily available for potential clients. Make your website easy to search for those FAQ like “what does hybrid even mean?”. Put yourself in the mind of your potential customer and think about all of the concerns they might have that your website would be able to address. You’re gaining both trust and authority by quickly answering these questions. 
  3. Once these questions are answered, ensure your booking page is linked. You’ve now hooked your new client, so it’s time to actually translate it into a sale! 

Need some help? You can totally hire a professional to design the website of your dreams. Not ready to take that step yet? No worries! Try working with a template from a website hosting company, like  WIX,  to get you started.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are a fantastic way to incentivize your existing clients. For example, book with a friend and receive 15% off both of your sets. It benefits your existing client by rewarding them, while also bringing a new client in for you. Referrals are truly a game-changer because your clients already KNOW how amazing you are and will be likely to show you off and prove to their loved ones how much they’ll love your lashes, especially with a little extra perk! You could even incorporate social media into your referral program. Does your clientele love snapping selfies? Try this: Post your lash set & tag me to receive 15% off your next set. This is a great way to get more eyes directed over to your socials, with the social proof that their friend clearly LOVES how your lashes have made them feel.

Connecting with Local Businesses

There are so many ways that local businesses can come together for mutual support. Building these relationships can expand all of your clienteles. Thinking about doing a giveaway? Talk to a few other specialists like a nail technician, hair stylist, or brow artist with a similar client base. If you each give away a service, there will be more value to the participants, turning up the excitement levels to enter. To enter, you could say to “follow and tag a friend”, to get tons of fresh eyes watching all of your pages. In addition, think about who you want to appeal to. Does your ideal client frequent the gym? Do they shop at the local farmers market? Are they obsessed with grabbing a coffee before work? Many of these businesses have community boards that would be happy to include your marketing material. It’s even an option to include a special incentive to catch those potential client’s eyes even more.

Step 7: Never. Stop. Learning.

They don’t call us lash nerds for nothing… We’re ALL about continuing education to constantly level up your lash biz. Our best advice is to be mindful of what areas of your lashing skill you need to level up and take classes accordingly. At the same time, think about the business and marketing aspects… You could have the best lashes ever but if your biz practices aren’t in line, you’re going to be hopping straight onto the struggle bus as your business grows. Search for courses that identify your specific areas of improvement and invest back into yourself as a business owner. 

You already know we’re only a DM away for any help… We got you, lash friend. Start building your biz today! We’ll see you back for the next blog, but for now, make sure you’re following us on our socials for daily lash and biz tips… Find us here:






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