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14 November 2021

Untamed Artistry Turns Two!

Untamed Artistry Turns Two!


In this episode ofUntamed, it’s the two-year anniversary of Untamed Artistry. This celebratory interview with Cheryl Peng, CEO and founder ofUntamed Artistry, provides a backdrop to the beginning of a unique brand that’s already engraved its mark on the lash industry.

Cheryl—raw, open, and unfiltered—shares her aspirations, and how being a “misfit” influenced the mission of the brand.

The show takes a fascinating look at how a business came to life and at the same time, the interview is packed with empowering nuggets for others who are trying to grow their own business. In an often isolated, clique-ish, and judgemental industry, this brand’s main aim is to spread kindness and empower others.


  • What made this CEO decide to start Untamed Artistry. For those thinking about new business ideas, Cheryl loved teaching but teaching alone was not the best fit for her. With the lash industry being a gatekeeper of information, Cheryl worked to combine a lash brand with teaching and hit the sweet spot.
  • What makes brand inclusivity important to Cheryl and how being an isolated child and different from others impacted her desire for inclusivity. Cheryl says, “I wanted every single person who interacts with us to feel special. I want everyone to feel equal and celebrated.”
  • The story behind the brand name stems from Cheryl’s character.
  • What it was like trying to grow a business as a pandemic hit while also suffering from depression. Cheryl says, “Being an entrepreneur also forces us to look at a lot of the things internally about who we are as a person and why we do the things we do. And that process sometimes can be painful.”
  • How creating a team helped grow the business.
  • The surprising way in which Cheryl made decisions… hint: “I didn’t take a lot of time to think about things. When there was a decision to be made, I acted on it.” This is meaningful for lash artists who are delaying action because of overthinking.
  • The ultimate goals of Untamed Artistry are that it be known as a study-buddy place for lash artists, and to change the narrative. On a personal note, Cheryl says she measures success by how many lives she touches.
  • What she’s most proud of accomplishing so far.

Cheryl’s last word to listening lash artists this week: “Dare to be different. Dare to do things differently than other people, dare to think differently than other people, and dare to lash differently than others.”

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This episode is brought to you by Untamed Artistry.

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