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03 March 2022

Poor Lash Retention is a YOU Problem

Poor Lash Retention is a YOU Problem

In this episode of 
Untamed by Untamed Artistry, the discussion focuses on adhesive and retention. Because Untamed is a brand known for high-quality adhesive products and education, the episode is jam-packed with valuable information to keep your clients coming back over and over again.

Lash retention = client retention.

It’s an important topic because more than 50% of clients who have a retention problem simply never return.

The hard truth is that retention is your problem, no matter the cause — even if your client is at fault. This episode explains why this is so.

Find out the reasons why clients themselves may be the cause of retention issues, such as diet, vitamin deficiencies, health conditions, or the way they treat their lashes. As a Lash Artist, these are out of your control, but what can you do?

If a client is not getting all the nutrition that their body needs to produce healthy hair, for example, then their lashes may be lacking as well, meaning that they could be going through a faster growth cycle or their hair is just really, really fragile. Thyroid conditions, diabetes, eye conditions, and medication can all affect lash retention. AnneMarie Lorenzini, Managing Director of Untamed Artistry, shares considerations that should be assessed prior to application.

Tip! Make sure you have a thorough intake that includes things like medical history, health, and lifestyle before seeing a client for the first time.

Cheryl Peng, Founder and CEO at Untamed Artistry, shares in detail each step of the lash retention process so that you have the opportunity to examine your own techniques and improve them. These include:

  1. Prepping, including the first consultation. Applying to a clean surface is critical. Don’t rely on your clients to do it.
  2. The pros and cons of applying primer, and when to use it.
  3. The basic environment, and understanding the technical aspects of adhesives.
  4. How much adhesive to use.
  5. Perfect attachment is a base-to-base attachment or alignment.
  6. Client aftercare, and educating them to understand the importance of taking care of their lashes. It’s key to speak their language, and then create multiple formats of it. How aftercare can lead to product upsells.
  7. Follow up.


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This episode is brought to you by Untamed Artistry 

Untamed Artistry is your one-stop lash biz shop: combining helpful knowledge and amazing eyelash extension products (hand-tested in our lash nerd lab). We want to make you successful by giving you high-quality products and showing you what you need to use them well. Find great products, all the education you could ever want, and a healthy dose of quirk at

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