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14 July 2022

Money Mindset: Cheryl's Story

Money Mindset: Cheryl's Story
Our last episode about business profitability with Tianna Seo was well-loved and started many side conversations with our listeners. In this episode, AnneMarie interviews Cheryl about her financial experiences which includes time as a professional poker player and financial advisor prior to starting Untamed Artistry. Tune in to hear much more about how lash artistsshould be thinking about money, the scarcity vs. abundance mindset, and some fascinating stories from Cheryl and AnneMarie about their own ups and downs around income, expenses, profit, and losses in the lash industry.
Expect to hear:
  • Cheryl’s short-lived but incredibly useful stint as a financial advisor
  • The calculated risks and learnings from Cheryl’s time as a poker player
  • Cheryl’s experience growing up poor in China and then with abundance in Canada
  • The success found by Cheryl’s mom as an Asian immigrant in Canada
  • Finding your winning mindset, abundance vs. scarcity, rich vs. wealthy, assets vs. liabilities
  • Applying all this info to our listener’s specific needs as lash artists
  • Influencers in the lash industry– toxic and false impressions on social media
  • Dissecting the “Can you buy two?” mindset and spending within your means
  • The drudgery of bookkeeping – do it right and you won’t struggle later on
  • Tip: Flip the script– start with identifying how much money you want to take home!
  • Tips for the beginning lash artist, including looking at your P & L from the start
  • If you haven’t looked at your P&L yet, that’s ok! Just do it ASAP
  • Separating business and personal expenses, credit cards, etc.
  • Understanding that money is a tool, and everyone’s situation is different

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