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17 December 2021

Gain More Revenue Through Client Retention

Gain More Revenue Through Client Retention

In this episode ofUntamed byUntamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng, founder and CEO, and AnneMarie Lorenzini, Managing Director, both at Untamed Artistry, share their combined knowledge of how to gain more revenue in your lash artist business by deepening relationships with the clients that you already have. It’s less expensive than acquiring new ones, and it’s also more effective.

Most lash artists put in a lot of energy trying to convince people who are not customers to come and become customers. But that's actually counterproductive because you're exerting so much energy to do the hard thing, rather than doing the easy things that you're good at. 

In this value-packed episode, discover the least discussed secrets of the trade around growing your business:

  • The 10-80-10 principle, especially if you have limited resources. Identifying the clients that you should cultivate and spend the most time and energy on. 
  • How to nurture the relationships you already have with your existing clients. Ideas include:
    • Taking notes about each client and adding them to their file.
    • Follow-ups and rescheduling.
    • The human elements of customer service make a huge difference, going beyond the symmetry of your fans and the styling that you use. Rather, it's the little things like the cucumber water, greeting by name, and asking how their kids are that build relationships and keep clients coming back.
    • Reviews and feedback in order to continually improve products and services.
    • Allocating resources and funds intelligently, and considering what really matters to your clients. In this industry, we want certificates on the walls, yet the costs of these certificates should be assessed through the potential return on investment. Often the money is better spent scaling your business and providing a more luxurious, calming experience for your clients. 
  • Your client turnover rate and how it tells you whether clients are happy with the service you provide, or not.
  • Training is an important aspect for every lash artist, but you are encouraged to spend as much time as you do improving your crafts on other aspects of your business. This includes your environment and customer service, because these are the things that will grow your revenue most through client retention.

This episode is brought to you by Untamed Artistry 

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