jet setter.

To our pinchers and rollers out there… this one’s for you! ✌️The super thin tweezer and super sharp tip of JET SETTER is designed to make rolling and pinching effortless.

TL;DR, here’s what you need to know:

☑️ Sharp and precise
☑️ Lightweight
☑️ Perfect for volume lashing
☑️ Ergonomically designed (aka, feels real good on your hands!)
☑️ 12 MM
☑️ 90 Degree
☑️ Adjustable tension

We are obsessed with giving you the best products possible. All Untamed Artistry tweezers are designed with precision, hand-tested, and crafted with high-quality Japanese stainless steels. JET SETTER is tested by members of Untamed Artistry’s #lashnerdsquad to pick up 7D + fan in 0.03, 0,05 and 0.07 lashes.



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