flex (tape)

roll size

learn about this product:

Meet our new generation of silicon tape. This is the most flexible and versatile tape on the market. This medical tape is specially designed to help you access those hard to see bottom layers, inner corners and outer corners. This tape is super secure yet ultra gentle for your clients. 

facts about this product: 

☑️ silicon

☑️ clear

☑️ high adhesion level 

☑️ water resistant 

☑️ medical grade

☑️ painless removal 

☑️ mini roll: 1.25cm x 1m  

☑️ regular roll: 1.25cm x 9m

☑️ box 1.25cm x 9m x 24rolls (33% saving)


tips about this product:

💡 a little goes a long way

💡 keep the tape in a closed container/package to prevent dust and debris

💡 best for lifting eyelids, stretching inner corners and exposing bottom layer