the b.f.f. (long).

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the product:
Meet the best friend of any lash artist--isolation tweezers. The B.F.F. is super reliable & helpful (like any good bestie)👯 ! The sharp 45 degree angle makes separating a natural lash amazingly easy & applying an extension effortless. All lash nerds--classic,  volume, beginner--need a B.F.F. in their life. 

the facts (TL;DR):
✔ lightweight
✔ super skinny curved foot
✔ slim body
✔ made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel
✔ super sharp & precise 
✔ 14mm
✔ 45 degree
✔ adjustable tension
✔ ergonomically designed to be more comfortable

the tea:
💡 Individually hand tested by our #lashnerdsquad
💡 Designed to expose the root of every natural lash for perfect application