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Mini Fan - Keep it Breezy


I'm your biggest fan! A must have for lash artists and clients alike. Use to disperse fumes/vapors away from your client's eye area and to dry the eyelash extensions after a lash bath. Small, yet powerful with 3 speed settings this rechargeable mini fan is sure to be by your side. 

Available as a single fan or in bulk to retail to your clients.

  • Input Voltage: 5V / Power: 2W / Battery: 4500 Li-Ion
  • Hey friend, please recycle my box.
  • Instructions: Press the button once for each of the three speeds and an additional fourth time to turn the fan off. A blue light will illuminate to show the fan is on.
  • To Charge: Connect the fan to the USB. A red light will illuminate to indicate the fan is charging and will turn green once fully charged.
  • Warning: Do not insert fingers or foreign materials into the fan.

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