flex (tape)

roll size

the product:
Flexible tape is a must-have for lash artists of all skill levels & backgrounds. Our FLEX TAPE is super sticky but still super gently on your client’s skin. This medical grade tape is the most flexible & versatile on the market. At UA, we dare you to be different because that’s exactly what we’re doing 😍  This tape is so strong but the thin strips allow for a variety of uses. Whatever comes your way, FLEX TAPE has your back. From one lash nerd to another--trust us, you have to give this a try.

the facts (TL;DR):
✔ clear silicon
✔ highly adhesive 
✔ water resistant 💦
✔ medical grade
✔ easy to remove 
✔ lint free
✔ mini rolll: 1.25 cm x 1 m
✔ regular roll: 1.25 cm x 9 m
✔ box: 1.25 cm x 9 cm x 24 rolls 

the tea:
💡 Super easy to tear  
💡 Keep tape in closed container to prevent dust buildup
💡 A little goes a LONG way 
💡 Best to use for lifting eyelids, stretching inner corners, & exposing bottom layer