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Presenting to you our OG adhesive that shook up the lashing world! No matter your lashing experience, this black adhesive is a must-have. Retention Adhesive is the adhesive for any application technique. It hits the perfect sweet spot for curing time and provides a strong, secure bond- hence the name.

Warning: Once you use Retention Adhesive, you might never use anything else.

  • 1 second dry time.
    • lower humidity/temp = slower dry time.
    • higher humidity/temp = faster dry time.
    • may also vary based on the amount of adhesive used, application speed, and extension diameter/dimension of volume fan.
  • Ideal environment is 20C - 23C (68F - 75F) & 35-55% humidity.
    • Applying eyelash extensions in under 30% humidity is not recommended as it can cause irritation for client & artist.
  • Black & thin viscosity.
  • Low fumes.
  • Formulated by a lash nerd and chemist.
  • Made in small batches for the freshest quality.
  • Store unopened adhesive in the fridge for up to 5 months.
  • Store opened adhesive in a dry, cool, & dark place with silica or rice. 
  • Replace opened bottles every 4 weeks.
  • Use or discard adhesive within 6 months of order date.
  • No shake needed if you use right after opening (otherwise, give it a little shake).


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