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Invisible Ink Adhesive

We get it, sometimes you need a clear eyelash extension adhesive.

That's where Invisible Ink Adhesive comes in – perfect for the clear adhesive lovers out there.

Why Our Invisible Ink Eyelash Extension Adhesive Stands Above the Rest:

1. Science-Based, High-Quality Formula: Formulated by a leading chemist alongside a seasoned lash artist, our product represents the pinnacle of industry standards. This collaboration ensures that you receive an adhesive that not only meets but exceeds the highest expectations for quality and performance. By combining scientific precision with real-world application, we've crafted an eyelash extension adhesive that ensures optimal results and longevity, making it the best choice for lash artists.

2. Unrivaled Hold: Experience the pinnacle of lasting beauty with our advanced formula. Our eyelash extension adhesive is engineered for superior, long-lasting hold, ensuring your extensions stay firmly in place. Your clients can enjoy the confidence of beautiful lashes day after day.

3. Quick Drying Technology: Time is of the essence. That's why our eyelash extension adhesive is formulated to dry quickly, streamlining the application process and securing your lashes faster, without the risk of stickies.

4. Seamless Application:Say goodbye to visible, clumpy glues with our Invisible Ink Eyelash Extension Adhesive. Designed for a seamless and clean application, this adhesive ensures that your lash extensions meld perfectly with your natural lashes, offering an impeccable, natural look every time.

Elevate your lash game with Invisible Ink Eyelash Extension Adhesive – the ultimate choice for discreet, durable, and dependable lash enhancement. Discover the professional's choice for achieving beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions.

  • 1 second dry time.
    • lower humidity/temp = slower dry time.
    • higher humidity/temp = faster dry time.
    • may also vary based on the amount of adhesive used, application speed, and extension diameter/dimension of volume fan.
  • Ideal environment is 20C - 23C (68F - 75F) & 35-55% humidity.
    • Applying eyelash extensions in under 30% humidity is not recommended as it can cause irritation for client & artist.
  • Clear & thin viscosity.
    • This adhesive is not made for sensitive clients. It may be a better alternative to clients sensitive or allergic to carbon black, but will not be better suited for clients sensitive or allergic to cyanoacrylate.
  • Low fumes.
  • Formulated by a lash nerd and chemist.
  • Made in small batches for the freshest quality.
  • Hey friend, please recycle my box.

For professional use only. Do not use for application of strip lashes or clusters.

  • Store unopened adhesive in the fridge for up to 5 months.
    • Remove adhesive from the box and put in a press-seal plastic bag with the provided Nano Charcoal desiccant pack prior to storing in the fridge.
  • Store opened adhesive in a dry, cool, & dark place with the provided Nano Charcoal desiccant pack or rice.
  • Replace opened bottles every 4 weeks for optimal performance.
  • Use or discard adhesive within 6 months of order date.
  • No shake needed.

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