the product:
TBH no one likes when gel remover burns their client & ain’t no one got time to wait 15 minutes for cream remover to work. That’s where we come in. When it comes to removing lash extensions, you’re gonna be obsessed with using UNDO. 😍  Not only is she quick & effective, our special lash nerd formula causes no irritation. We’re also the only ones in the industry to package our special formula in individual packets. Plus, UNDO is literally theperfectconsistency. Not quite gel, not quite cream, but just right. 👌

the facts(TL;DR):
✔ results in 3-5 minutes 
✔ fresh, rosey smell 🌹
✔ consistency that is juuusssstttt right (not too runny, not too solid)
✔ works for entire sets or spot removal
✔ 20 X 1g sachets  

the tea:
💡 Untamed Artistry wants you to waste less product & keep a clean workspace, so we package UNDO in single sachets to help you out.

Sachets are marked with expiration dates so there's no guessing on the age of the solution.