glue sticker.

the product:
To be a bomb lash artist, it is important to know your products & what works with them. That’s where these glue stickers come in. They’re simple, but they’ll give you all the heart eyes. 😍  All lash nerds need a surface that keeps their UA adhesive fresh while they’re working. Our stickers are recommended by chemists as the best surface for your glue! 

the facts(TL;DR):
✔ 30 pieces per package
✔ super easy to peel, apply, and & remove off lash tile 
✔ perfect shape for jade stone 

the tea:
💡 Say goodbye to micropore tape 👋! Fibers in the tape cause your glue to dry faster & UA’s glue sticker is recommended by chemists as the best place for your glue to sit. 
💡 We suggest cutting the sticker into quarters & using one quarter per glue dot for less exposure to multiple dots