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28 August 2022

What IS Passion?

What IS Passion?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”... We’ve ALL heard this saying, but how true is it?

Today, we’re getting into what passion REALLY is, why you should pursue your passion and reminding ourselves why we’re obsessed with lashing! Are you ready, lash friend?

What is passion?

The question of where passion comes from has had scientists very curious… Passion is said to be genetically rooted simply because we are more inclined to love something that we’re good at. Of course, the age old question of nature vs. nurture comes into play here. You might have naturally great motor skills, but you don’t pick up tweezers and become a pro at applying lash extensions in a day! Many believe that passion stems from both nurture and nature, basically, where you put your energy to succeed. Motivation also plays a HUGE role in generating passion. We’ve all heard the question: “What motivates you?”. You might have something in mind or are still scratching your head to figure that out… If we’re talking science, that answer is DOPAMINE! When we do something we love, our brains release dopamine. That dopamine stimulates the natural motivation you have towards that activity. So, if you’re extremely motivated to succeed in lash extensions, chances are you’ll be pretty passionate about it too!

Why You Should Do What You Love

There are SO many reasons to do what you love, which in our case is caring for the passion we have in lashing. By fulfilling your passions through your career you’ll feel more fulfilled, be more productive and even inspire others! Allow us to explain…

The feeling of fulfillment.

Your career should make you feel good emotionally! Whether that be in the studio or outside the studio, you shouldn’t constantly feel as though stress is taking over your mental health or that you’re dreading going to work the next day. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll be more motivated to meet your goals. And guess what? Reaching your goals FEELS GOOD. That sense of accomplishment only adds to your confidence that carries into your daily life. Ever finish a lash set and just think WOW, I’m really improving… We hope you have! If you haven’t yet, not to worry! Know that we’re always here to support you, send us a DM over at @untamed.artistry. Think about the way your clients smile when they get that first look at their new lashes, or the way they speak so openly to you! We hope this fuels your passion and gives you a sense of achievement. This confidence shines through to not only your clients, but friends and family as well! Think about how much time you spend at work, you want to make that time something you enjoy.

Increased productivity.

When you do what you love, you’re naturally more productive! When you’re passionate about something, you’re more excited and driven to succeed in that. You suddenly have a natural drive to perform at your very best which in turn, increases your efficiency and productivity! Here’s the best part… With an increase in motivation, you’ll have more room in your schedule for that time off we crave. We know how tempting it is to overfill your schedule when you love lashing so much, but don’t forget to maintain a proper work-life balance friend! Make sure you take that time off so that you can show up at 100% for the time you do spend in the studio.

Inspiring Others.

It’s only natural to feel uneasy or afraid to follow your dreams and pick a career that you’re truly passionate about. Sure, it could be risky! Have you ever had someone say hurtful words to you like “Oh how’s your little business?” or “Why would you quit (insert socially praised career here) to do lashes?”? We HATE these comments because they can be so discouraging. We hope that this blog can give you the confidence to shut these down and understand that you are exactly where you need to be. Your passion SHINES through when you lash, or even talk about lashing, and that is something to be incredibly proud of. When you take that leap to fulfill your passions, you hold the ability to inspire others to feel that same career satisfaction that you do. 


What do YOU love about being a lash artist?

We’ve definitely had our down-bad moments dealing with no shows, dissatisfied clients or those disrespecting your policies. We get it. Which is why we try to flip our mindsets and really remember WHY we do what we do. There is so much to love about lashing and what’s amazing is that all of us love different aspects of it, so let’s get into it! 

Maybe it’s a passion for art…

I mean just LOOK at these gorg artistic sets, we can’t help but show them off… Looking at lash inspo is always a way to reinspire ourselves to be our most creative. 

Tip time:  Don’t be afraid to take models to try something new! We’ve found that using models to practice something new can really spark that creativity back up. Dying to try that pop of purple? Want to really take your time on a classic set and focus on getting that PERF direction? Not feeling confident in texture? Take a model! Use this time to be extra mindful of each lash placed and unleash all of those creative juices to form a set that you’re obsessed with.

 Lash Extension Set By

Maybe it’s a passion for business…

Are you obsessed with the inner workings of your lash biz? We love that! Sitting down to bookkeep can be a welcomed challenge that feels so exciting to many of our lash friends! Almost like a puzzle you’re dying to get to the bottom of… We see you business obsessed artists pumping out gorgeous on-brand content and always killing it in your marketing! 

Maybe it’s a passion for client relationships…

There’s something about the way our clients glow after they see themselves with a fresh set… Being able to provide that confidence boost is such a special moment between the artist and client. The passion shines through as we hear all of the touching stories of clients spilling their deepest hardships to our lash friends. That trust is a bond that YOU as a lash artist are facilitating. Providing that comfort and connection in your client relationships should make you extremely proud! 

Try this!Personally write down a time that a client story really touched you and give yourself a huge pat on the back for allowing them the confidence that they are in a safe space as you. This is an amazing way to re-spark that passion for lashin’. 


What Does Our Community Love About Lashing?

“I love the people I meet as clients who become friends, the other lash techs & suppliers I meet, and the artistry of the craft!” -@kl.ecolashlounge

“I love getting to just hang out with friends (clients) all day and make them feel beautiful.” -@nightshadeparlour 

“I love helping women wake up feeling even more beautiful without the hassle of makeup and such! It saves so much time giving someone some fluffy lashes.” -@poise_aesthetics 

“Own boss, own schedule, beautifying people, always learning new things, I can go on and on!” -@nattiglam_

“To be honest, listening to their darkest secrets and knowing you will not judge or tell them. I keep it all with me.” -@lashedbyyauri 

“I love my client’s happiness after doing a set (because I’m happy with the set). I specialize in natural looking lashes and the fact that they go ‘I love it, they look SO natural’ with a big smile, it’s everything to keep pushing myself.” -@meliz_beauty 

So what part of lashing are YOU passionate about?  Is it art? Is it business? Is it the client relationships? Or maybe it’s a little mix of everything…We hope you enjoyed this blog, and feel totally inspired to continue unleashing your passions through lashing! 🤗 Share this passion with your clients today, we’re sure they’d love to hear all about it. We’ll see you in our next… ✌🏻Until then make sure you're following us on:




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