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08 February 2022

Soft Volume Lash Extensions - What Are They Really?

Soft Volume Lash Extensions - What Are They Really?
“I want something natural, but not too natural.”

“I don’t want my lashes looking too fake, but at the same time I still want them to be noticeable. You know what I mean?” 

Lash nerds, does this sound familiar or what!? We have all had that client, and we all know exactly what they want: Soft Volume lash extensions! Soft Volume lash extensions is now a growingly popular lash extension style because it gives just enough drama, without looking too much.

In this blog, you will learn about what Soft Volume lash extensions are, how they differ from other extension styles, how to create them, who would be candidates, and ways to spice it up! Itching to learn all the details about Soft Volume lash extensions? Then you’ll want to read up until the end! Let us jump right in, shall we? 

What are Soft Volume lash extensions? How do they differ from other lashing styles and techniques?

Before we dive into Soft Volume lash extensions, let us briefly go over all the lash extension styles.Classic extensions is the technique where a single lash extension is applied onto one natural eyelash. The lash diameters used range from 0.10 mm to 0.18mm, but they may also include thinner diameters than this. The next lashing style that adds more fullness in comparison to Classics is hybrid lash extensions. Hybrid extensions is a technique where both Classic extensions and Volume extensions are used.Volume extensions is a lashing style where multiple thin lash extensions are used to create a fan that is attached to a single natural lash. This technique adds fullness and density to the lash line. There are also different subcategories of Volume including Russian Volume, American Volume and Mega Volume. 

The Russian Volume technique uses short lengths, typically up to 1-2mm longer than the client’s natural eyelashes. It is important to use symmetrical, short fans to create a consistently straight top-line. American Volume is the variation where the extensions look more textured and wispy. Finally, theMega Volume technique uses very thin extensions, such as0.03mm and0.05mm to create large fans consisting of between 6-16 lashes. As the name suggests, Mega Volume technique creates a “mega” full and dense extension set. 

Soft Volume lash extensions refer generally to Volume extensions that appear more natural than Russian Volume or Mega Volume. The name says it all - Soft Volume lash extensions appear soft and light. Because of this, Soft Volume lash extensions are also commonly known as “Light Volume” extensions. Since it is the “lightest”, and most natural version of Volume extensions, oftentimes the effect it creates is very similar to Hybrid lash extensions. This is why many lash artists are now starting to remove Hybrid extensions from their menu and only offer Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume services. Clients looking for something in-between Classic and Volume would be offered Soft Volume Lash Extensions. 

How to create Soft Volume lash extensions?
The idea behind Soft Volume lash extensions is to create a set of very natural looking lashes. 

In order to achieve this look, typicallyVolume lashes in the diameters0.05mm,0.06mm, and0.07mm are used. Selecting thinner Volume extensions like 0.05mm helps create the light, fluffy effect of Soft Volume lash extensions. 

Another tip when creating the Soft Volume lash extensions look is to use medium to wide Volume fans. Wider fans allow more light to pass through, making the lashes appear airy and soft. Narrow Volume fans create a much darker, denser look, and so they would be less suitable for this style of lash extensions. 

The dimension of the Volume fan is also an important factor to consider. The dimension refers to the number of lashes used to make each fan. A 2D Volume fan means that the fan is made using two lash extensions, and a 4D is made with four extensions. When crafting Soft Volume lash extensions, typically Volume fans are made with fewer extensions (ex. 2D-3D). 

When you are ready to customize a set of Soft Volume lash extensions for your client, there are some things to consider. Always assess your client’s natural eyelashes before starting. First, assess the fullness of their lash line. Clients with a sparse lash line will always have a lash set that looks lighter and more natural than someone with a full lash line. This is the case if the selected lash diameter, and the dimension of each fan, is the same. Therefore, for clients with a sparse lash line, consider using higher dimension Volume fans. Those with a full lash line may benefit from 2D-3D Volume fans. 

Another consideration is how healthy your client’s natural eyelashes are. Clients with thin and weak natural eyelashes will benefit from selecting thinner diameters. Therefore, for clients who have thin and sparse eyelashes, your customized Soft Volume lash extensions set for them could be 0.05mm 3D-5D Volume. On the other hand, clients with full and healthy lashes may be getting 0.06mm 2D Volume. 

Who would be candidates for Soft Volume lash extensions?
As lash artists, we create fully custom lash extensions for our clients. Helping our clients decide the most suitable lashing style and technique for their natural lash, eye shape, and personal preference is part of our service and artwork! Soft Volume lash extensions are now so popular. This style is coveted by many because it creates the illusion of eyeliner and light eyeshadow, yet still looks so natural. It truly is the definition of “I woke up like this” lashes. Here are some clients whom you can consider designing a set of Soft Volume lash extensions for! 

Those with sparse or significant gaps in their natural lash line. For these clients, Classic extensions would not be able to cover up the gaps in the lash line, and would remain looking very sparse. Adding Volume fans into their lash line can add fullness and fill up the gaps. 

Clients who like lash extensions that look airy and natural. Soft Volume lash extensions are subtle, yet gives enough fullness for brighter, more fluttery eyes. A little tip? Ask your client what their typical makeup routine looks like. If they’re a thin eyeliner with light eyeshadow kind of gal, they will adore Soft Volume lash extensions!

Older clients are perfect candidates for Soft Volume lash extensions. This clientele tend to have more sparse and thin eyelashes, and like a more subtle look. The volume helps fill in the gaps, and create the elegant look they want. 

Clients who recently tried Classic extensions, but want to try something slightly more full and fluffy. Clients might not be ready to jump straight to Russian or Mega Volume, and so trying out something more natural can ease them into a more fuller look. 

Spicing up Soft Volume lash extensions.
If you are looking to add unique elements to make the set of Soft Volume lash extensions pop, consider adding some texture with spikes. You will find that some clients prefer a textured, wispy lash look. Sprinkling some spikes into the set makes the Soft Volume lash extensions look like a soft strip lash, adding a little more drama! To create spikes, add unfanned lashes that are 2-3mm longer than the fanned lashes. Space them out evenly in the set for a uniformly neat set of spiky Soft Volume lash extensions!

Give Soft Volume lash extensions a go!

Now that you have learned all about Soft Volume lash extensions, why don’t you give it a try!? We absolutely love the effect that it creates, and anyone can rock the look! Our favourite lashes to use for this style are0.05mm,0.06mm,0.07mm. You will also love using ourpitch perfect tweezers with these lashes to handmake your Soft Volume fans. Got all you need to create this lash set? Well then, happy lashing!

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