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27 December 2019

Self Care Matters!

Self Care Matters!

What’s a lash artist’s most valuable asset?

Let me give you a hint: 

It’s NOT your baller set of tweezers or your silky smooth lashes.

Those tools are great, but they’re just TOOLS: replaceable.

A lash artist’s most valuable asset is YOU. The ARTIST.

Lash artists are amazing for many reasons (AKA, our amazing ability to help people feel their best), but we’re also often caregivers, which means we forget to take care of ourselves because we’re too busy taking care of our clients.

Don’t believe me? Raise your hand if you’ve…

- Forgotten to eat for a day because you’re too busy going to back to back appointments

- Slept less than a solid amount because there’s too much work to do

Uh, yeah, been there, too.

We all have weeks like that now and then, but when you make poor self-care a habit, that’s a fast track to burn out.

And burnout is NOT fun. It’s when waking up is hard, when lashing no longer sparks joy and creativity. Just like your car, you need regular maintenance and upkeep. 

Self care is the name of the game in order to keep lashing and loving it. In this article, we want to share some of our favorite self care tips and tricks to keep you hella happy… which means even happier clients!

Why Self-Care Matters

A burnt out lash artist is an uncreative lash artist.

The more exhausted you are, the more you’ll resent your work and your clients. Your work will get sloppy. Your relationships will suffer. 

There’s NOTHING more important than taking care of yourself. By taking care of yourself, you are able to show up and deliver the best version of yourself to your clients and your loved ones. 

Lessons in Self-Care From Ya Girl

Let me let you in on a little secret: true altruism is selfishness.



That’s a Cheryl Peng quote, BTW, if you’d like to print it out and put it on your wall.

Imagine a world where you took good care of yourself. 

Where you went to the gym.

Where you ate your meals on time (say goodbye to hangry!).

Where you spent valuable time with friends and family. 

In that world you are looking at the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. You are feeling hella inspired and every set you create is a MASTERPIECE. That’s what happens when you take care of yourself. 

If you don’t do that, there’s no way in hell you can help other people.

Like they say on those boring safety announcements on the plane: put the mask on yourself first before helping others. 

How to Up Your Self-Care Game

Struggling to make self-care happen? I’ve been there too.

Here’s my biggest tip: what gets scheduled gets done. 

As a lash artist, you are probably married to your Google Cal. You hear the alerts in your sleep. 

I know how it is: anything that calendar says GOES. 

So don’t just schedule your client appointments. Put self-care activities into your calendar. Just like you put batching content, bookkeeping or any other things you don’t want to do. 

Once it’s in your Google calendar, it becomes non-negotiable. (You’ll thank us later ;))

Start small with your self-care routine. Just as one lash style doesn’t fit all, one self care routine doesn’t fit all. Some people think hot baths are the ultimate relaxation. For me, after two minutes, I am DONE with it. 

So findyourfit.  Think back to the past few months: what is one thing you did for yourself that sparked the most joy and relaxation? Schedule that into your calendar and make it a repeated event. I am serious, DO IT NOW. 

(I’ll wait.)

If you need some Inspo, my fav activities are: 

- Reading a book

- Netflix and chill

- Taking a new fitness class at some bougie gym that I have no intention of buying a membership to

- Trying a new restaurant

Break The Cycle

Don’t fall for the vicious cycle of burnout -> long vacation -> burn out -> long vacation.

The mentality of, “I will work hard for 6 months so I can get 2 weeks off to do nothing” is a Band-Aid solution. 

Vacation should be a hobby or enjoyment. It’s not there to make sure you don’t hate your job. You should be able to ENJOY your job AND enjoy your vacation. The key to that is self-care: it’s a maintenance routine that helps you perform your best.

Basically, you’re like a car: don’t wait for your car to break down then take it to the shop. Get your oil changed, flip your tires, wash those windshields.

We clearly don’t speak car over here, but we sure as heck speak self-care, so we think you get our point.

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