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30 September 2022

Long Term Lash Love - Client Relationships 101

Long Term Lash Love - Client Relationships 101

Cultivating the perfect client relationship doesn’t happen overnight. By nurturing the trust, loyalty, and respect of your clients you’re investing in the long-term success of your beauty biz.

Our goal is to establish consistent clients who value what we do, respect our biz, and trust in our expertise. Just like all relationships there are stages to making a perfect match, so let’s get nerdy and learn more about what your lash biz love language looks like. 

Stage 1: Fall into trust

The first stage of a potential relationship starts with trust. Maybe someone found you on social media, explored your content, stalked your stories, and finally made the leap and booked an appointment. They’ve made their first trust fall into your world! This shouldn’t be taken lightly, based on any communication you have with them they are slowly building trust in your expertise + professionalism.  You should handle them with care, confidence, and of course great communication during this time frame. Being attentive and kind to your new clients will go a long way in establishing a great long-term relationship. 

Pro Tip: Set up an upbeat automated text when a new client books welcoming them! Let me know a little about what to expect and to text back with any questions they might have. A personal touch goes a long way.

Stage 2: Establish boundaries

The second phase of your client relationship will be all about boundaries! How your first couple appointments go will establish the pattern of all ongoing interactions. Is your client late their first couple appointments? Where you texting during their services? Have they followed your aftercare instructions? Establishing boundaries within your biz and client relationships has to happen in the beginning stages. You’ll find that correcting a clients lack of respect or unrealistic expectations is impossible if you haven't kicked your relationship off on the right foot to begin with. Being confident in your enforcement of boundaries is key!

Pro Tip: If a client fails to respect your biz boundaries after you’ve clearly + professionally communicated, they aren’t the client for you! Respectfully, let them go. This makes room for clients who ARE compatible and respectful.

Stage 3: Nurture communication

This is the best part of fostering a stable, long-term relationship! Give yourself and your client space to communicate their needs. Check in with them about their expectations, create solutions, and learn to communicate openly and honestly.  This is where you learn what your client values and how to authentically engage with them. Being a great listener is all it takes!

Pro Tip: Ask your client open ended questions like...

  • “What what you love to see (add, modify, or change) about your experience?”
  • “Is there anything else I can do to make you feel more comfortable?”
  • “What would you like me to try next time I see you?”

Giving your client space to be vocal and involved in their service/experience is a total game changer!  

Stage 4: Confident commitment

Showing your gratitude and appreciation for your amazing client will strengthen everything about your relationship.  Being thoughtful + intentional will enrich your relationship and give you their lasting commitment! Things like a handwritten thank you note, a birthday gift, or just a text letting them know you appreciate them can all be incredibly affirming.  We always like to plan thoughtful holiday gifts! Your loyal clients deserve to feel appreciated so don’t forget to show them a little extra love. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you have your client's birthday on your intake forms.  You can automate reminders in your calendar and have something ready to gift them before their special day!

Remember that you’re in control of nurturing your clients to foster long-term loyalty! Be confident, creative, and above all authentic to nurture client loyalty. Try out these tips and share your success stories with us! 🤗 We’ll see you in our next blog… ✌🏻Until then make sure you're following us on:




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