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Study Buddy Value Set

Our top sellers in one set so you can experience what makes UA the artists choice! From tools to adhesive, we’ve got you covered.  

First up is our Premade mixed tray in CC curl! 1000 fluffy fans ready for you to make lash magic.

  • Handcrafted, high-quality Korean PBT.
  • Heat-bonded base.
  • UA Premade System reduces excessive waste from premade strips and large packaging.

Part of the Untamed Artistry Premade System, these reusable, clear Silicone Lash Palettes are a must. A perfect fit when used with the Maven x Untamed LayLow Lash Tile, the Silicone Lash Palette is here to assist in easy pickup of premade fans. After all, every artist needs a palette!

  • Soft and flexible and easy to apply, and remove off of a lash tile
  • Place on a lash tile to hold premade, promade, or loose eyelash extensions.
    • Peel off one plastic sheet and place the silicone palette on the Maven x Untamed LayLow Lash Tile. Remove the other plastic sheet prior to use.
  • Size: 10.6 cm x 6.7 cm x 0.25 cm

Retention adhesive is our BEST selling black adhesive 4 years running.  With unmatched 1 second dry time, low fumes, and durable, lasting hold it’s earned the name, Retention! 

  • 1 second dry time.
    • lower humidity/temp = slower dry time.
    • higher humidity/temp = faster dry time.
    • may also vary based on the amount of adhesive used, application speed, and extension diameter/dimension of volume fan.
  • Ideal environment is 20C - 23C (68F - 75F) & 35-55% humidity.
    • Applying eyelash extensions in under 30% humidity is not recommended as it can cause irritation for client & artist.
  • Black & thin viscosity.
  • Low fumes.
  • Formulated by a lash nerd and chemist.
  • Made in small batches for the freshest quality.

Lint-Free Adhesive Nozzle Wipes join the party! No more excessive adhesive and clogged adhesive nozzles! UA’s lint free wipes are the best way to keep your adhesive nozzle clean and always ready-to-use.

Say hello to Pitch Perfect. This blue, stainless steel beauty is a must-have for volume artists of all skill levels. She has an extended slim boot and is the perfect tool for easy, effortless application. No matter the fanning technique, the Pitch Perfect tweezer does it all.  

  • Lightweight.
  • Extended, slim boot.
  • Made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel.
  • Super sharp & precise.
  • 90-degree angle.
  • Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand.
  • Large sweet spot for picking up eyelash extensions without them shifting or falling apart.
  • 120mm

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