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Premades Mini Bundle

Mini Bundle

Get started with the essentials using our Mini Bundle. This compact package includes everything you need to enhance your lash artistry:

  • 1 Silicone Lash Palette
  • 1 Maven Tile
  • 1 Retention Adhesive
  • 1 Mixed Tray Premades 6D - CC Curl


The Facts

  • Silicone Lash Palette: Perfect for organizing and speeding up your lash application process.
  • Maven Tile: A stylish and functional accessory to keep your lashes and tools in place.
  • Retention: High-quality adhesive to ensure long-lasting lash retention.
  • Mixed Tray 6D - CC Curl: Versatile lash tray offering 6D lashes in a beautiful CC curl for a voluminous look.

Stylist Tips

  • Use the silicone lash palette to neatly arrange your lashes and keep your workstation tidy.
  • The Maven Tile is great for keeping your lashes and tools organized, enhancing your efficiency.
  • Pick up your premade lash fans from the base to avoid splitting
  • Customize your premades by selecting how ever many lashes you'd like in your bundle, pull down and leave the remaining lashes on the tile.


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