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Adhesive Webinar

Hey there, lash nerds! Are you finding it a huge challenge to conquer the science of lash extension adhesive and deliver jaw-dropping retention for your clients? We totally understand! Getting a grip on lash adhesive can be quite the puzzle – from handling allergies and sensitivities to perfecting your timing, dodging stickies, and attaining the kind of retention your clients rave about… it can be super daunting. But don't worry because we've got your back as your trusty UA study buddy! Our All About Adhesive webinar is an all-inclusive virtual course that will turn you into a lash adhesive pro in no time!


📅  Happening on July 29 @ 9AM Pacific!

You'll receive a link via email to join the class on July 27th. 

In this unmissable webinar, here's what you will master:


  • Picking the ideal adhesive for both your skill level and environment 🎯
  • Learning the secrets of best practices to achieve mind-blowing retention 🤯
  • Diving deep into adhesive science and its magic! ✨
  • Discover pro tips and techniques that will change the way you lash 


  • Participate in a live Q&A session to get your questions answered by our expert instructors 


And on top of all that goodness, you’ll get a $55 UA credit to use towards an adhesive of your choice!

If you're eager to unlock the true potential of lash adhesive and make your clients' dream lashes a reality, buckle up and join us for this fun, fact-packed All About Adhesive webinar! Trust us, you and your clients will thank us later! 😊🥳

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