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Perfectly Imperfect - Maven Artistry x Untamed Artistry LayLow Lash Tile™


Minor Imperfections’ or ‘Nearly New’ for the slightly cracked:
Our tiles may bear minor cracks, but their quality and functionality remain uncompromised. At a fraction of the cost, our saved tiles still function the same way, proving that beauty can indeed rise from imperfection.

Functional Flaws’ double cracks:
These containers, though more visibly flawed, embody functionality and purpose. Embrace their distinctive character that play a role in reducing waste by choosing an eco-friendly storage solution. 

‘Second Chance’ for bigger cracks:
Our lash tiles come with larger cracks, but now are granted a second lease on life. Their bolder imperfections make them stand out as functional pieces, saved from the fate of a landfill. Choose sustainability without compromising on quality.

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